UPDATE: Text and Ethics (12/15/03; collection)

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Anna Fahraeus
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This call for papers was earlier sent out under the rubric "Literature
and Ethics".

TEXT AND ETHICS: This is an open call for submission proposals of
300-400 words for a book to be published in the fall of 2004.. We aim
to clarify further the continuum that exists between descriptive and
interpretive criticism of the treatment of issues that can be termed
ethical in texts and in production (including the production of
criticism itself), and ethical criticism as a reader or cultural
response practice, whether the focus is on e.g. fiction, autobiography,
biography, poetry, microhistory, etc. The texts can be theoretical or
based on closer readings of specific texts.

Questions that we want to address include:

-- what are the ethics of the text? of its production? of its reading?

-- can readings that focus on ethics be made without referring to an
epistemological, political or ideological absolute?

-- literature and the formulation of an intersubjective ethics
(reading literature as/with/against philosophy)

-- is ethical writing possible? what should govern what may or may not
be told? who may or may not tell the story/-ies?

-- what is the relationship of the aesthetic to ethics?

-- what is the relationship between/what are the different roles of
ethics in postcolonial studies? Gender studies? Holocaust studies?

MLA format is requested. Final submission length 3000-7000 words. Proposal
deadline December 15, 2003. Submission deadline May 15, 2004. All
proposals/submissions should include the name, address, email, and phone
number of the submitter/author and should be sent to

Address: Visiting address:
Gothenburg University Humanisten, Renstr=F6msgatan 6.
English Department
Box 200
SE-405 30 G=F6teborg Phone: + 46 - (0)31 - 773 1780
Sweden Fax: + 46 - (0)31 - 773 4726

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