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The electronic journal is is inviting =
contributions to an issue on Europe in Cinema.

Deadline for one-page proposal : 1 December 2003

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Europe in cinema.=20

Questions of the production and the reception of European cinema

Under the Editorship of Delphine B=E9n=E9zet and Vincent Bouchard

After more than a century of cinematic production, Europe remains one of =
the main centres of this activity. In the context of globalization in =
which hybridisation is legion, what is happening in film?

After theorists such as Benedict Anderson and Mich=E8le Lagny have =
questioned the idea of national cinema, is it still possible to think of =
each country's cinema in independent terms? Does any coherence exist in =
European cinematic production? To what extent can common denominators be =
defined for this work? Is it possible, for instance, to constitute a =
homogeneous aesthetic pole in opposition to North American cinema, or to =
other forms of film elsewhere in the world?

On the other hand, European film has spread throughout the world. What =
kinds of hybrids does such cultural m=E9tissage produce? Are these =
examples of fruitful cooperation between other cinematic traditions, or =
rather of cultural imperialism?

For its fourth issue, Post-Scriptum.ORG proposes reflections on the =
production and reception of European cinema. What is particular to =
cinema in Europe, to cinema and Europe, and to cinema that speaks of =
Europe? What stakes come to light in Europe, whether economic or =
cultural, when one looks at the techniques that make and transform =

This reflection may include the following topics:

Europeans and film; culture and cinema in Europe; positioning national =
cinema in Europe; cinematic politics in Europe; Hybridisation of film =
from Europe and the Americas; European cultural hegemony in film, etc.

You are invited to send a one-page proposal by 1 December 2003.

A conference on this topic will take place on Friday 30 January 2004 at =
the Universit=E9 de Montr=E9al: please indicate in your proposal whether =
you wish to participate in the conference.

The articles are due on 28 February 2004, for publication in Spring =

Languages of publication: English and French

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