CFP: Migration, Memory, and the Construction of the Self (1/15/04; e-journal issue)

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - The Transdisciplinary Journal of Emergence

SDA Bocconi Business School (Milan, Italy) announces the forthcoming online
publication of the second issue of "The transdisciplinary journal of
emergence" ( TJE is an English-language on-line journal
that will be published semi-annually starting from September 2003. We are
seeking contributions for the second (Spring 2004) issue, to be sent by
January 15th, 2004.

The Theme of the second issue is: Migration, Memory, and the Construction of
the Self in Post-Industrial Societies.

TJE is committed to fostering a critical dialogue across the social sciences
and humanities and welcomes thinkers challenging existing
models of cultural/political/economical production. We are interested in
adventurous takes on popular or classical subjects. We strive to support a
broad range of participants and perspectives.
Of specific interest are perspectives and methodologies that cut across, or
overcome altogether, disciplinary separations within the fields of social
sciences and humanities

Although TJE is published by a Business School, we do not intend to assign a
particular emphasis to disciplinary (or trans-disciplinary, for that matter)
discussions of management, economics, marketing, finance, and the like.
Indeed, we believe the above-mentioned disciplines have increasingly
progressed over time on a path that is eventually going to bring them
outside the domain of the social sciences. If the social sciences are to
constitute a distinct knowledge endeavor that should not be, we believe,
solely because their object is human beings. Instead, the reason for the
existence of the social sciences as a separate field of inquiry should be

Since the journal explicitly aims to overcome disciplinary separations, we
felt it necessary to abandon the reviewing mechanisms institutionalized in
most academic journals. We do not believe that an endeavor such as
developing a "transdisciplinary journal" is possible within the context of
the power/knowledge structure inherent in the traditional review process.
Hence, papers will not be reviewed with the explicit purpose of suggesting
modifications. Instead, the editor will assign the submitted papers to two
members of the editorial board, and publish their reactions and observations
along with the papers.

Although this particular structure makes the quality of any received paper
difficult to determine, we believe that the very criteria of "academic
quality" should be subject to discussion, rather than taken for granted or
simply inferred from the presence of a structured and systematic reviewing
process. The editorial board is currently involved in such a debate, which
will result in future modifications to this call for submissions. A similar
issue concerns our lack of a clear definition for the term "emergence",
which is, similarly, subject to an ongoing debate within the editorial board
resulting in periodic modifications to the editorial statement of the

In this way, we hope to overcome the disciplinary (in a Focauldian sense)
emphasis of the traditional reviewing process as well as of a crystallized
definition of a concept in favor of dialogue and trans-fertilization.

The deadline for our Spring 2004 issue is December 1st. We are always
accepting submissions and proposals for future issues.

We thank you in advance for your support.


Journal editor:

Angelo Fanelli

(University of Florida and SDA Bocconi Business School)

Editorial board:

Daniel Blochwitz (University of Florida)

Cristina Crucini (University of Reading)

Henry F. Dahmns (Florida State University)

Giuseppe Delmestri (Bocconi University)

Angelo Fanelli (University of Florida and SDA Bocconi Business School)

Derek Merrill (University of Florida)

Vilmos Misangyi (University of Delaware)

Afshin Hafizi (University of Florida)

Tom Odde (University of Florida)

Guillermina Seri (University of Florida)

Fred Young (University of Florida)


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