CFP: Teaching Peace (1/30/04; journal issue)

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Edvige Giunta
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Teaching Peace

DEADLINE: 30 January 2004

The editors of Transformations are seeking articles (3,000 – 8,000 words)
and media reviews (books, film, video, performance, art, music, etc. – 1,000
to 3,000 words) examining approaches to teaching peace in a variety of
contexts: Peace Studies, Education, Political Science, Women’s and Gender
Studies, Global Studies, Anthropology, Economics, Literature, History,
Psychology, Sociology, Art, Geography, Religion, Environmental Studies,
Philosophy, Working-Class Studies, Ethnic Studies, Cultural Studies, and
others. Multidisciplinary approaches that focus on
--or include--discussions of non-Western cultures are especially encouraged.
Autobiographical criticism, narrative scholarship, photo-essays, and
experimental work are welcome.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

What pedagogical approaches are most effective in the teaching of peace?
How can the teaching of peace inform teacher education?
How can the teaching of peace inform teaching at all levels, K-12 and higher
How can teaching peace be integrated in already-established curricula and
the study of canonical texts?
How do social marginalization, material inequality, and cultural disparities
relate to intolerance and violence on local and global levels?
How can a pedagogy of peace be implemented in the context of rising violence
in American schools?
What are the political implications of teaching peace and how can it be
connected with activism?
What is the relationship between the study of cross-cultural diversity and
an understanding of the need for peace?
How do personalized accounts of intolerance and discrimination help to
create empathetic student responses to diversity and a commitment to peace?
How does the teaching of peace relate to topics such as war, domestic abuse,
conflict resolution, poverty, racism, citizenship and civil rights, ethics,
and religion?
How can teaching writing in non-academic spaces such prisons, shelters,
homes for youth at risk, etc. help develop a pedagogy of peace?

Send two hard copies to: Jacqueline Ellis and Edvige Giunta, Editors,
Transformations, New Jersey City University, Grossnickle Hall Room 303, 2039
Kennedy Boulevard, Jersey City, NJ 07305 OR email submissions and inquiries
to: Email submissions should be sent as
attachments in MS Word or Rich Text format. For submission guidelines go to

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