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Karel Vanhaesebrouck

Image and Narrative is a peer-reviewed e-journal on visual narratology=20=

in the broadest sense of the term. Beside tackling theoretical issues,=20=

it is a platform for reviews of real world examples.

Call for Papers
Guest editor: Karel Vanhaesebrouck, RITS, Brussel
December 1st, 2003: proposals
April 15th, 2004: texts
Summer 2004: publication
Towards a theatrical narratology?
As Patrice Pavis indicated in his status questionis =91The state of=20
current theatre research=92 (published in Applied semiotics, may 1997)=20=

narratology is often used as a theoretical tool for the analysis of=20
film and photography, but it is not for theatre. If a narratological=20
point of view is chosen, researchers stick to a logocentric approach,=20
denying the very essence of performance.
This issue of Image & Narrative will focus on narratology and its=20
relation with performance and theatre in its largest sense. Questions=20
raised do not only concern the ontological status of the theatrical=20
performance itself, but they can also tackle the various narrative uses=20=

of performative material, whether it be the a priori (dramaturgical=20
=91mati=E8re brute=92), the intended, the actual or the a posteriori=20
performance (the archived version). The cases studied can be=20
contemporary or historical.
Possible approaches:
- performance and cognitive narratology
- theatre history as a narrative practice
- new non-logocentric approaches in theatre theory focusing on the=20
visual narrative embedded within performance
- problems of focalisation
- aspects of =91liveness=92 (cf. theatre studies versus visual studies)
- the theatrical archive and its various uses
- the narrative implications of the digitalisation for contemporary=20
- narratology as a dramaturgical tool
- theatre photography
- dance and narratology
- etc.

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