CFP: The Canadian Cultural Exchange: Translation and Transculturation (1/31/04; collection)

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Norman Cheadle

The Interdisciplinary Humanities M.A. in Interpretation and Values at
Laurentian University invites 300-500 word proposals for contributions
to an edited collection with a projected publication date in late 2004.

Cultural appropriation has in recent years been a subject of debate
internationally, both in arts communities and in the academy. In
addition to the theft of artifacts and voice appropriation,
multiculturalism itself can appear to be an ideological mask
dissimulating the appropriation of the Other into the One.
Notwithstanding the critique of official multiculturalism, perhaps it
can be argued that in Canada, where translation between English and
French is already a two-way street and where aboriginal cultures
increasingly assert their presence, there is still room for a
non-reductionist and creative exchange among cultures, even where the
relations of force among them are uneven (as is nearly always the case).
This optimistic hypothesis is the one we propose for a series of
interventions that would explore its potential and/or its limits.

Neil Besner (U. of Winnipeg) has contributed a paper on translating
from Brazilian Portuguese into Canadian English. George Elliott Clarke
(U. of Toronto) has written for this book on his project to "repatriate"
Arthur Nortje into the Afro-Canadian literary canon. Submissions, in
English or French, will deal with translation and/or transculturation,
either within Canada or in a context involving Canada. Possible areas of
intervention may include:

1) Translation of cultural products between English or French and other
2) The creative interaction between First Nations cultural production
and that of Anglophone, Francophone and/or Allophone cultures;
3) Appropriation across borders in canon formation;
4) The interaction of immigrant cultural production with that of
hegemonic cultures in Quebec or English Canada;
5) Triangulation of cultural interaction between French, English and
another culture;
6) The ethics of cultural interaction within Canada or between Canada
and other countries;
7) Theoretical considerations of Canada as a site of postcolonial
cultural exchange.

Please send your 300-500 word abstract by January 31, 2004 in Word or
Word Perfect to Invitations for complete papers
will be sent out by February 20. Completed papers of 3000-7000 words,
documented according to MLA norms, will be due by June 30, 2004. All
papers will be peer-reviewed in a blind process before final acceptance.

Norman Cheadle
Interdisciplinary MA in the Humanities
Laurentian University
Sudbury, ON P3E 2C6
Tel. 705-675-1151 x4346
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