CFP: Moving Figures: Nomads, Knight Errants, etc. (2/1/04; journal issue)

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The Journal of Comparative Literature at NYU


Moving Figures: Nomads, Knight Errants, Pilgrims, Outcasts, Wanderers, and

Figures in movement have consistently held the interest of both literary
depiction and theoretical inquiry. Literary examples span from Odysseus to
Don Quixote, from Wordsworth to Beckett and beyond. Recent philosophical
examples include the Deleuzian Nomad and the Derridean notion of errance,
though certainly Rousseau’s reveries and the wandering of Nietzsche’s
Zarathustra bear some relation to this state of eternal displacement as
well. What is common in the natures of these figures in motion? How might
we understand the differential relationships between degrees of errance?
How does the history of portrayals of moving figures contribute to the way
that we understand meaning of that which is sacred, nomadic, or errant? Is
there a politics inherent in the position of the nomad, a strategy of
resistance, and if so, how might flight be understood in contemporary
political terms? Can the concept of nomadism be applied to the imagination
of better future; be it political, ethical, or educational?

For the next issue of Ampersand we are seeking interventions from any time
period that address, via literature, history, or theory, these and similarly
moving questions.

Please send all submissions to either Brad Tabas at
Elizabeth Bearden at

Deadline for Submissions is February 1st 2004

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