CFP: Translation and 'the Classic' (9/30/04; collection)

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A. Lianeri
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TRANSLATION AND 'THE CLASSIC': Call for papers for a book to be published in 2005 edited by Alexandra Lianeri and Vanda Zajko.

The recent growth of interest in translation studies and classical
reception has led to greater attention being paid to the question of
translation. Yet no work has yet focused on the implications of translation for the definition and evaluation of 'the classic'. In this volume we seek to explore this subject from a number of perspectives by bringing together scholars from classics, translation studies, literary theory and philosophy. To this end we seek contributions addressing the following and other relevant questions:

- Translation and the Classic proposes a framework in which the classic
figures less as an autonomous entity than as the result of the interplay
between source text and translation. What are the consequences of this
hypothesis for defining the classic text?

- What is the role of translations in the reception of classic texts? Can
we approach reception as a translation process? How does this metaphor modify current views of the classic?

- How can translation qualify our conceptions of meaning and interpretation of the classics? Can we define translatability without referring to the binary opposition between 'fidelity' and 'infidelity'?

- How does translation illustrate the variability of aesthetic, moral, and
political standards that underlie the shaping of the canon, ancient and

- Can we redefine the classic by investigating the institutional, cultural
and political processes through which it is (re)constructed? Alternatively,
does the notion of the classic present a challenge to certain
representations of history?

- How have translations of classic texts reinforced class, gender, and race divisions? Can they also provide a means of resistance to oppressive political discourses?

Anyone interested in contributing should send a proposal of 500 words to
Dr. Alexandra Lianeri (Darwin College, Cambridge, and Dr. Vanda Zajko (University of Bristol, by
the end of January 2004.

Final submission length: 7,000-8,000 words.
Submission deadline 30 September 2004.
If you have any further queries, please get in touch with either or both of
the editors.

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