CFP: Derrida's Indian Philosophical Subtext (2/29/04; e-journal issue)

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William Haney
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CFP: Derrida's Indian Philosophical Subtext (29 Feb. 2004, Collection)


Papers are invited for a special issue (August 2004) of the online, =
peer-reviewed journal _Consciousness, Literature and the Arts_ on =
Derrida's Indian philosophical subtext:

This special issue is intended to investigate the dissemination of =
Indian philosophy into European post-Enlightenment thought (particularly =
Derrida). Whilst Derrida pays a token acknowledgement to the influence =
of the "Indo" in so-called European thought, he does not fully =
acknowledge its influence in the concepts articulated as his: =
supplement, duty, hospitality. Although several prominent critics =
(Bhatt, Bernasconi) have recently begun to investigate the racism in =
Enlightenment thought, particularly in recent issues of the journal =
Radical Philosophy, even this field of thought (deconstructing =
individual European philosophers as imbricated in the discursive field =
of colonialism/racism, thereby tracing a trend in Enlightenment Humanist =
thought presaged in England by Robert JC Young, White Mythologies, 1990) =
is fairly recent. The sudden spurt in deconstructing the exclusive =
biases of humanism ought to be paralleled by research in ancient Indian =
texts and how they have influenced, albeit in an unacknowledged way, the =
work of the prominent "French" philosopher, Jacques Derrida. Although =
several "disciples" of Derrida exist, notably the so-called "Indian" =
postcolonial critic, Gayatri Spivak, not one seems to have realized that =
Derrida's sources come from the ancient Indian sub-continent. This =
special issue of Consciousness, Literature, and the Arts is devoted to =
the unraveling of Derrida's conceptual inspiration (his "savoir") by =
tracing it to the original sources that Western philosophy is still =
reluctant to fully acknowledge.=20


Please email your abstracts (500-800 words) to W. Haney =
( and to Dimple Godiwala ( =
by 29 Feb. 2004. Notification of acceptance will be made by 15 Mar. =
2004. Completed papers will be due by 30 June 2004.


Dimple Godiwala

Senior Lecturer=20

School of Arts=20

York St. John (A College of the University of Leeds)


W. Haney

Prof. of English

American University of Sharjah

United Arab Emirates

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