CFP: Theatron: Dramatic Lit., Criticism, Theory, or Performance (1/15/04 & 3/15/04; journal issues)

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CFP: Theatron Submissions (For Spring 2004: January 15, 2004 and for Fall
2004: March 15, 2004)

Theatron, a semiannual graduate journal published by Washington University
invites submissions for an upcoming special issue, Washington University
Sesquicentennial, particularly from W.U. alumni professionals of theatre.
Welcome are scholarly papers (up to 5,000 words in length and conforming to MLA
format) on dramatic literature, criticism, theory, or performance (languages:
English, any Romance language, or German); original ten-minute plays or new
translations of plays (up to 5,000 words in length); production reviews, reviews
of new plays or on books on drama, interviews with theatre professionals (2,000
words in length); and letters to the editors. E-mail all submissions by January
15, 2004 in a Microsoft Word attachment to Do not
include your name anywhere in your attached submission. Inquiries and comments
may be directed to
In addition, Theatron invites submissions conforming to the above guidelines for
its Fall 2004 issue on an Editor’s Topic on World Theatre Today.
Deadline for Fall 2004 submissions: March 15, 2004

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