CFP: Women and the Black Diaspora (1/31/04; journal issue)

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> Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme (cws/cf)
> Call for Papers
> Women and the Black Diaspora
> Winter 2004 (Vol. 23, No. 2)
> CWS/cf’s Winter 2004 issue is committed to examining the various ways
> the Black diaspora is gendered, and how both the histories and the
> experiences of migration, dispersal and displacement impact women’s
> lives. In recent years, notions of diaspora have articulated an
> important counter-discourse to understandings of nationhood; however,
> discourses of diaspora have themselves been largely masculinist. In this
> issue, the focus will be on women’s responses to and negotiations of
> diasporic identities. Conceptualizations of “diaspora” are intended to
> be open-ended, shifting and fluid. Defining diaspora is an ongoing
> debate, and this issue proposes to challenge, call into question, and
> redefine definitions of diaspora in specifically gendered terms. We
> particularly encourage contributions from women in the grassroots
> community that narrate their own experiences or histories of dispersal
> and migration, and their relationships to national and diasporic
> identities. Alternate, performative forms of narration such as theatre,
> storytelling, music and poetry are also welcome.
> Possible topics include:
> •Black women’s diaspora connections between various sites, such as
> Canada,
> the Caribbean, the United States, the
> United Kingdom, etc.
> •Black women’s diaspora connections within Canada (i.e. between
> Halifax and
> Toronto, Toronto and Montreal, etc.)
> •Diasporic versus national identities/identifications
> •Canadian immigration policy past and present, and its impact on women
> •Changing definitions of citizenship rights and entitlements
> •Multiculturalism: policy and practice
> •Diaspora critiques of Canadian multiculturalism
> •Systemic discrimination and racism
> •Current issues around employment training and accreditation
> •The politics of language
> •Legacies of transatlantic slavery—continued impacts on diasporic
> subjects?
> •Discourses of diaspora, transnationalism and globalization
> •Representations of the Black diaspora in cultural productions such as
> literature, theatre, dub poetry, film, visual arts
> •Musics of the Black diaspora
> •Literal and conceptual spaces—(re)articulating “home,” movement and
> fixity
> •Black women and motherhood/other mothering
> •Black women and health (or health care)
> •Black women and academia
> •The images of Black women in the Black press
> •Sister to sister: black women and friendship
> Your ideas for additional topics are welcome. Invited are essays,
> research reports, true stories, poetry, drawings, and other artwork
> which illuminate these issues.
> Deadline: January 31st, 2004
> Articles should be typed, double-spaced, and a maximum of 12 pages long
> (3000 words). A short (50-word) abstract of the article and a brief
> biographical note must accompany each submission. If your manuscript has
> been word-processed, please include a 3.5" disk copy. We give preference
> to previously unpublished material. If possible, please submit graphics
> or photographs to accompany your article. Please note CWS/cf reserves
> the right to edit manu-scripts with respect to length and clarity, and
> in conformity with our house-style. To encourage use of the material
> published, CWS/cf has granted electronic rights to Micromedia Ltd. and
> Information Access (Canadian Periodical Index). Any royalties received
> will be used by CWS/cf to assist the publication in disseminating its
> messsage.
> Write or call as soon as possible indicating your intention to submit
> your
> work.
> Canadian Woman Studies/les cahiers de la femme
> 212 Founders, York University, 4700 Keele St. Toronto, ON M3J 1P3
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