UPDATE: Perspectives on Evil: Reconciliation and Forgiveness (1/15/04; e-journal issue)

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Salwa Ghaly
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Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness (PEHW) is seeking film and book
reviews on and around the theme of Reconciliation and Forgiveness. The
following list of books is of special interest:

--History and Memory: Passing into History: Nazism and the Holocaust Beyond
Memory. Eds Gulie Ne'Eman Arad, Steven E. Aschheim, Jose Brunner.

--Reconciliation Through Truth: A Reckoning of Apartheid´s Criminal
Governance. Kader Asmal, Louise Asmal & Ronald Roberts.

--Reconciliation After Violent Conflict: A Handbook.
David Bloomfield, Teresa Barnes, Luc Huyse, Priscilla B. Hayner, Karen Fogg,
Brandon Hamber, Stef Vandeginste.

--Commissioning the Past: Understanding South Africa's Truth and
Reconciliation Commission. Eds Deborah Posel and Graeme Simpson.
After The TRC: Reflections On Truth And Reconciliation. Eds. James, Wilmot,
Van De Vijver.

-- Japanese War Crimes: The Search for Justice. Peter Li, International
Citizens' Forum on War and Redress.

--S Lillian Kremer, Women's Holocaust Writing: Memory and Imagination.

--Michael Marrus, The Nuremburg War Crimes Tribunal, 1945-46. A Documentary

-- Patrick & Celia Bracken. Rethinking the trauma of war.

--Johan Galtung, Searching for Peace.

--George Jergian, The Truth Will Set Us Free: Armenians and Turks

--Chomsky's latest works, including Power and Terror.

--Ted Honderich, After the Terror & Terrorism for Humanity: Inquiries in
Political Philosophy.

Short testimonial pieces and professional/academic articles on individual
and collective struggles with trauma, memory and forgiveness are also being

New deadline for submissions is January 15, 2004. For more information,
contact Salwa Ghaly at complit01_at_yahoo.ca

PEHW's latest issue is accessible at http://www.wickedness.net/ejv1n3.htm
Information on submissions and style sheet is available at the website.

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