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UPDATE: Perspectives on Evil: Reconciliation and Forgiveness (1/15/04; e-journal issue)

Wednesday, December 17, 2003 - 3:47am
Salwa Ghaly

Perspectives on Evil and Human Wickedness (PEHW) is seeking film and book
reviews on and around the theme of Reconciliation and Forgiveness. The
following list of books is of special interest:

--History and Memory: Passing into History: Nazism and the Holocaust Beyond
Memory. Eds Gulie Ne'Eman Arad, Steven E. Aschheim, Jose Brunner.

--Reconciliation Through Truth: A Reckoning of Apartheid´s Criminal
Governance. Kader Asmal, Louise Asmal & Ronald Roberts.

--Reconciliation After Violent Conflict: A Handbook.
David Bloomfield, Teresa Barnes, Luc Huyse, Priscilla B. Hayner, Karen Fogg,
Brandon Hamber, Stef Vandeginste.