CFP: Gay and Lesbian Concerns (2/16/04; conference dates not noted)

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Michaela Meyer
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The Caucus on Gay and Lesbian Concerns

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: February 16th, 2004

The Caucus on Gay and Lesbian Concerns invites
competitive paper and panel submissions for the 2004
NCA convention in Chicago. The Caucus is particularly
interested in programming papers and panels that
contribute to its mission to build political awareness
and foster public advocacy about issues relevant to
gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender efforts in the
National Communication Association. Voices from
bisexual, transgender, lesbian, gay, intersex,
transsexual, AND allies are particularly valued, and
the Caucus is deeply committed to increasing
understandings of sexualit(ies) in diverse

Some areas of interest identified by the Caucus
membership include (but are not limited to):
     * Sexualit(ies) – Exploring the Multiple
Definitions of the Sexual Self
     * Reconciling/Reconstituting Gender Identit(ies)
with Sexual Identit(ies)
     * Issues of “Double Marginalization” – Voices
from Multiple Ethnic/Racial Queer Groups
     * Interpersonal Same-Sex Relationships in
Binational/Interracial Contexts
     * The Politics of “Queer” – Forming New Youth
     * The Implications of Disclosing Sexuality in
Pedagogical Contexts
     * The Publicizing of Sex – Zoning, Medical
Regulations, or other Institutional Discourses that
Affect/Effect Sexualit(ies).
     * Examining Bisexuality – The Politics of the
     * The Politics of “Passing” – What is at Stake
when We’re Assumed to be Straight?

Given the conference theme of Moving Forward/Looking
Back, the Caucus would also be interested in panels
that specifically address:
     * Grant Writing Advice/Workshop for Sexuality
     * Historical Perspectives on GLBT Communication
     * Debating a marriage amendment – Should the US
adopt an amendment for same-sex marriages?
     * Debating the Boy Scouts – A public engagement
of NCA’s affiliation with the Boy Scouts organization

The deadline for receipt of all submissions is
February 16th, 2004. All submissions MUST be made
on-line. Questions about the submission process should
be directed to the conference planner:

Michaela D. E. Meyer
Ohio University
20 Lasher Hall
Athens, OH 45701
(740) 593-2952

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