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Stephanie Genz {PG}

Call for Papers

Postfeminist Gothic

Papers are invited on the theme of Postfeminist Gothic for a proposed
special edition of the 'Gothic Studies Journal' (Manchester University

This collection of essays aims to consider the intersection of two much
debated and contentious concepts, postfeminism and Gothic. Ever since the
word 'postfeminist' sprang to the pages of the 'New York Times' in October
1982, the term has had a contested history. On the one hand, postfeminism is
perceived as a pro-patriarchial, anti-feminist stance, a backlash against
feminism and its values, whereas, on the other hand, it is seen to reflect
the postmodern age of uncertainty that we live in. Likewise, from the moment
Horace Walpole applied the sub-heading 'A Gothic Story' to 'The Castle of
Otranto' in 1765, the Gothic has resisted a monolithic definition and a
rigid categorization. Thus, Postfeminist Gothic demands fresh perspectives
and speculative interventions into these controversial areas of research.

Essays should discuss the interactions and complexities of postfeminist
ideas and Gothic texts. Contributions on contemporary Gothic writing and
movies will be particularly welcome. Further areas for consideration might
include the instability of gender boundaries, parodic
femininities/masculinities, the posthuman body, sadomasochism, pornography,
freaks, Gothic 'supergirls' in contemporary culture and representations of
masculinity in crisis. Contributions are also welcome on specific authors
(such as, Fay Weldon, Chuck Palahniuk, Emma Tennant, Angela Carter, Alice
Thompson, Laurell K. Hamilton, Poppy Z. Brite) and TV series and films (such
as, 'She Devil', 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer', 'Dark Angel', 'Charmed').

Initially, proposals for papers in the form of a 200-300 word abstract
(completed articles between 3000-9000 words) should be sent by 22nd March
2004 to:

Stephanie Genz & Benjamin Brabon
Department of English Studies
University of Stirling
Stirling FK9 4LA

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