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This is to announce "The Alchemy Issue" of Pataphysica, journal
of a certain science. A symbolic science of imaginary
solutions, alchemy is a branch of pataphysics, the "science of
sciences" founded by Alfred Jarry (1873-1907). Jarry's own work
is steeped in alchemical allusions, from (among many other
instances) his 1894 exhortation to "study conjunctions!"
("Visions Present and Future"); to his 1898 "neo-scientific"
novel Exploits and Opinions of Dr. Faustroll, pataphysician,
where the evicting locksmith, Mr. Lourdeau, resides at "205 rue
Nicolas Flamel" (Flamel was a legendary 14th century alchemist);
to his 1899 "Automovable Feast" in Père Ubu's Illustrated
Almanac, in which Ubu strolls about Paris with "Athanor the
Furnace" (an athanor is an alchemist's oven). His regular
series of columns published in Parisian journals beginning in
1901 included such titles as "Extraordinary Salt" and "The
Conjugal Metal" (La Plume, January 1904), which, despite an
apparent topicality, hold veiled allusions to alchemical

Submissions of essays, criticism, reviews, translations, and
other creative work will be condsidered. Preference will be
given to alchemical readings of Jarry's own work and/or that of
the authors of Jarry/Faustroll's livres pairs (Book 1, Ch. 4),
as well as to creative work conjured in the spirit of
pataphysics and alchemy, although other related work will also
be considered. The editor hopes "The Alchemy Issue" of
Pataphysica, to appear in 2004, will encourage Jarry scholars,
as well as alchemy scholars and/or creative artists, to more
closely examine this unexplored aspect of his work. A literal
translation of Part 1 of Jarry's final, unfinished novel The
She-Dragon will be included in order to "prime the pump," and
the adept Dr. Faustroll himself will serve as editor and write
an introduction. Those writing in a language other than English
are encouraged to have their work translated before submission.
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