CFP: Performing Pedagogy: (Re)-Productions of Early Modern Culture in the Classroom (1/31/04; collection)

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Shannon Reed
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Performing Pedagogy: (Re)-Productions of Early Modern Culture in the Classroom
A collection of articles.

The book will have three parts. We are taking submissions for parts I and II. Participants to sections I and II will contribute to an online discussion (a private weblog) that will provide the basis for section III.

I. Pedagogy in the early modern period

   How did the Early Modern classroom shape subjectivity? What ideological practices informed Early Modern pedagogy? How did those practices infiltrate the extra-curricular culture? What canons of texts (both ancient and modern) and methods constituted the study of literature (poesy) in early modern classrooms?

II. Pedagogy of the early modern period

   How are our own classrooms situated? How does ideology, cultural/social practice, literary theory shape our approach and understanding of these texts? In today's classrooms, what canons of texts and methods constitute the study of early modern culture and literature?

 III. Conversation: Re-Envisioning Early Modern Pedagogy in the Future Classroom

   Knowing the role that pedagogy played in the Early Modern classroom, how can we use that to structure future classrooms? How can Early Modern pedagogical practices help us to see and transform the situatedness of our own classrooms?

Please submit abstracts by January 31, 2004;

full text of papers by June 30, 2004.

We will submit the collection to a publisher by January 1, 2005

Send electronic (no attachments, please) or paper submissions to:

Sheree Meyer, Professor

Department of English

CSU Sacramento

6000 J Street

Sacramento CA 95819-6075

phone: 916-278-5745

fax: 916-278-5410


Shannon Reed, Assistant Professor

Department of English

Cornell College

600 First Street West

Mount Vernon IA 52314

phone: (319) 895-4329

fax: (319) 895-4284

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