CFP: Punk and Hardcore: Contemporary Approaches (7/1/04; book)

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Punk and Hardcore: Contemporary Approaches

Edited by:
Emilie Hardman (Department of Sociology, Brandeis University)
Ben Holtzman (Independent Scholar/Documentary Filmmaker)
Alan O'Connor (Cultural Studies Program, Trent University, Canada)

The focus of this edited book is the contemporary punk and hardcore
scenes. The book emphasizes the period after which most works by music
critics and academics have declared punk to have ended. From the
perspective of the movement in the 1980s and after, this book deals with
the complexities and differences within an international field that
includes anarcho-punk and conservative hardcore kids, 'crusty' street
punks and suburban straightedge scenes, religious punks and queercore. We
are skeptical of approaches which attempt to fix punk in a single meaning
and seek contributions which emphasize punk as a field in which there are
many different intentions and struggles. A long introduction sets out the
editors' approach to punk/hardcore which includes a discussion of these
issues. There will also be an extensive selected bibliography.

The book will consider issues such as resistance, commodification, social
class, geography, identity (gender, race, sexual diversity, etc.), and
activism. Contributions will not only describe scenes and struggles within
punk but each will clearly identify the larger political and theoretical
issues at stake. Descriptions of local scenes or aspects of the punk
movement are not sufficient. Each contribution must address larger
theoretical and political issues in an explicit manner. All theoretical
perspectives and disciplines are welcome.

The editors invite contributions. We are looking for chapters of about
4,000-6,000 words written for academic readers as well as punks looking
for serious discussion of their movement. The book will be published by an
academic press and will be available in bookstores. Contributions and
inquiries should be sent electronically to
Submissions must be received no later than 1 July 2004.

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