CFP: The Cinema of Tod Browning (no deadline noted; collection)

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Bernd Herzogenrath

I am currently looking for high-quality contributions to a volume on =
CINEMA OF TOD BROWNING =96 a major press (Wallflower Press) has alrea=
expressed interest in this project.
Tod Browning has up to this day remained a somewhat un(der)-theorized=
maker. Also having produced successes such as Dracula (with Bela Lugo=
si) and
fulminant financial disasters such as Freaks, the impact of his obses=
with the (representation of the) body, its fragmentation and dismembe=
on the development on Modern Cinema remains to be analysed. In partic=
with reference to much of today=92s discussion about corporeality and
materiality, with body-images versus =91the body as such,=92 Browning=
=92s movies
seem to provide a crucial focus for these discussions.

This volume invites contributions that deal with Browning=92s movies =
=66rom the
combined perspective of film history and, and in particular, of the o=
debate about =91the body=92 =96 possible approaches would involve the=
 theories of
Deleuze and Guattari, Judith Butler, Lacanian psychoanalysis, discuss=
ions of
the =91body image,=92 etc.

Since this volume should also serve as both a specialist=92 compendiu=
m and an
introduction to Browning=92s work, I want to make sure that not only =
and Dracula, but also the =91lesser known=92 movies, and also those m=
ovies he
wrote the script for, such as the Fairbanks vehicle The Mystery of Th=
Leaping Fish, are considered.

Proposals/Abstracts (and:or even full papers) should be sent to

Dr. Bernd Herzogenrath

Email: or

Dr. phil. Bernd Herzogenrath
Universit=E4t K=F6ln, Germany

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