UPDATE: Asian Gothic Literature (2/29/04; collection)

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ng hock soon

I am writing this to clarify some points concerning this proposed
project for a collection of critical writings on Asian Gothic
Firstly, a simplistic application of the Gothic to contemporary Asian
literature is discouraged. Although much Asian writing deals with issues
revolving around taboo, excess and transgression of various kinds, to
deem this as automatically Gothic would be uncritical.
Secondly, it is encouraged that a study of Gothic poetics and the way
they manifest itself in Asian text be undertaken. Some of the familiar
Gothic tropes like the repressed, the uncanny, the numinous, ghosts and
spectres, radical evil etc. can be explored, but again, with careful
deliberation as to how the texts are deploying these tropes in a
distinctly (if possible) Asian way. For example, in the case of
repression, exactly how do Asian texts deal with this issue? How much of
it resembles, or detracts from, the Western tale of repression? What can
be surmised from this resemblance/dissimilarity?
Work on =91Gothic=92 literatures from India, China, Korea, South East =
and the Middle East are strongly encouraged.
The deadline still stands at the end of February, after which I will
begin compiling. Please email abstract and brief CV to
ng.hock.soon_at_engsci.monash.edu.my or andrwng_at_yahoo.com by then.

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