CFP: White Male Embodiment (4/1/04; collection)

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Carolline Miles
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CFP: White Male Embodiment (04/01/04; Collection)


We are gathering articles for a proposed collection on the white male
body as text and representation.

Recently, a number of scholars have responded to the lack of scholarship =
pertaining to manhood and the male body, and have paid increasing =
attention to the role and status of white men. This recent work suggests =
that embodying white men usefully dismantles the myth of a monolithic =
disembodied privileged white manhood. Not surprisingly, this still =
relatively new focus on the white male body and white male difference =
has provided a beginning rather than an end and still leaves a =
significant gap.

This collection aims to help fill a particular gap by focusing
specifically on fictional and historical white male figures whose
bodies are inscribed or made visible and thus extend and challenge
narratives of white male disembodiment. We are interested in how =
different historical forces/politics/systems such as monarchy, science, =
imperialism, industrialism, and nationhood have produced narratives and =
representations of embodied white men. We are also interested in how =
these bodily texts in turn produce, represent, and/or threaten specific =
historical/social/political contexts. Papers may deal with the =
literature of any country and any time period but must offer arguments =
that are rooted in specific historical and cultural contexts. Papers =
that deal with periods prior to the nineteenth century
are especially welcome.

please send via email or regular mail proposals or completed papers to:

Dr. Penny Ingram
Assistant Professor
Department of English
Auburn University
Auburn, AL 36830
(334) 844-9081

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