UPDATE: Famine in the Irish Canon (5/15/04; anthology)

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George Cusack
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Hungry Words: Images of Famine in the Irish Canon

Deadline extended to May 15, 2004

Abstracts of 500 words or essays of around 9,000 words are being solicited
for Hungry Words, an anthology which will examine representations of hunge=
or famine in the works of canonical Irish authors. The terms =B3famine=B2 and
=B3canonical=B2 are, of course, loaded ones in Irish studies, and it is my
particular desire to collect essays which question the various
manifestations of these terms in recent literary scholarship.

            In the past few years, numerous scholars have challenged the
myth that Irish literature as a whole has ignored or repressed the cultural
legacy of the Great Famine. As works such as Christopher Morash=B9s Writing
the Irish Famine(1996) demonstrate, representations of the Famine have
indeed existed in Irish literature since the 1840=B9s and continue into the
present. However, nearly all of the scholarship published in this area has
emphasized the rediscovery of authors and texts largely forgotten by
contemporary critics and readers. Few projects, if any, have sought to
reevaluate the authors and texts generally recognized as the =B3canon=B2 of
Irish literature in the light of the newly identified Famine discourse.

            Hungry Words will provide just such a reevaluation. Each essay
will focus on the ways individual Irish authors with varying claims to
canonical status affect and are affected by the literary discourse which
emerged from the Great Famine. Through these essays, the anthology as a
whole will further illuminate not only the cultural impact of the Famine,
but the nature of the canon itself and the ideologies that have been used t=
determine which authors and texts represent Ireland=B9s cultural identity.

Specific essay topics might include, but are certainly not limited to:

Edmund Burke
Dion Boucicault
Oscar Wilde
George Bernard Shaw
Maude Gonne
Sommerville and Ross
Daniel Corkery
Elizabeth Bowen
Samuel Beckett
Seamus Heaney
The Irish Gothic
Famine in Irish Film or Television
Immigrant/emigrant literature
Irish reactions to foreign depictions of the Famine

    Submissions will be accepted until May 15, 2004. Complete manuscripts
of essays chosen for the anthology will be due by September 15, 2004.
Please include a CV or professional biography with your submission. Send
submissions to:

George Cusack
Department of English
Auburn University Montgomery
P.O. Box 224023
Montgomery, AL 36124
(334) 244-3634

E-mail inquiries and electronic submissions are welcome. Please send
electronic submissions as attached Microsoft Word or PDF files. All
submissions will be confirmed via e-mail.

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