CFP: Seeing and Knowing (2/15/04; journal issue)

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Nicole Frey
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CFP: Variations: InSights (issue 12, 2004)

=93Thinking is more interesting than knowing but less fascinating than=20=

J.W. Goethe

=93And the eyes of the two of them were opened, and they knew that they=20=

were naked=94 (Genesis 3.7). Seeing and knowing have always been very=20
closely related. Throughout the history of philosophy =96 from Plato to=20=

Descartes and Sloterdijk =96 the eye has occupied a prominent position =
philosophical discussions, especially as far as epistemological=20
questions are concerned. A look into both scientific and everyday=20
language reveals that a number of visual metaphors serve the purpose of=20=

illustrating epistemological processes.
Variations 12 (2004) will be dedicated to this nexus of seeing and=20
knowing in literature. Key concepts and questions that may be=20
considered include the following:

- What kind of optical patterns or metaphors are used or=20
(de-)constructed in literary texts that represent the process of=20
gaining knowledge? What formal and stylistic devices are viewed as=20
reflecting this process of seeing and knowing?
- How do cultural changes such as scientific inventions affect the very=20=

concept of seeing? In what ways do technical changes manifest=20
themselves in literature?
- What faculties are ascribed to the eye in comparison to the other=20
- What is the relationship between contemplation and introspection?
- To what extent is =93forbidden sight=94 (i.e. voyeurism in/and=20
literature) connected with =93forbidden knowledge=94?

If you would like to submit an article to this issue of Variations,=20
please send an abstract (half a page to a page) to the following=20

lic. phil. Sonja Kolberg, Editor Variations
Deutsches Seminar der Universit=E4t Z=FCrich
Sch=F6nberggasse 9
CH-8001 Zurich, Switzerland

Contributions may be written in German, English or French. The deadline=20=

for the abstracts is 15 February 2004. Once your abstract has been=20
accepted, the article as such (25=92000 characters max.) is due on 31 =

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have nay questions or=20
check the following website if you'd like to know more about Variations:
lic. phil. Nicole Frey B=FCchel
Englisches Seminar
Universit=E4t Z=FCrich
Plattenstrasse 47
CH-8032 Z=FCrich, Switzerland

Tel. 01/634 36 71

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