CFP: Undergraduate Literary e-Journal (undergrad) (3/27/04; e-journal)

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Lydia Kualapai
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Schreiner University is now accepting submissions for the Second Issue =
Illuminations, a peer-reviewed international literary e-journal, offers =
undergraduate students an opportunity to publish works both critical and =
creative. Submissions will be refereed by a panel of three undergraduate =
students. =20
Submission Deadline: March 27, 2004
Submission Categories: =20
=B7 Scholarly Critical Articles
=B7 Creative Non-Fiction=20
=B7 Book and Movie Reviews=20
=B7 Short Fiction=20
=B7 Poetry =20
Submission Requirements: =20
=B7 Student must be enrolled as an undergraduate at the date of =
=B7 Text in English language =20
=B7 MLA style =20
E-mail Submissions: =20
=B7 E-mail a blind copy (i.e., author's name does not appear anywhere on =
the text) in Microsoft=20
Word format as an attachment to
=B7 Include in the body of the e-mail the student's name, address, =
telephone number, a valid e-mail address, and school affiliation =
Submissions by Mail: =20
=B7 3 blind hard copies=20
=B7 A CD or floppy disk in Microsoft Word format
=B7 A cover sheet with the student's name, address, telephone number, =
valid e-mail address, and school affiliation=20
Submissions Address: =20
Schreiner University=20
CMB 6262
2100 Memorial Blvd
Kerrville, TX 78028-5697
Note: A sponsoring professor must e-mail a letter verifying the author's =
undergraduate status and the submission's originality. Submissions will =
not be considered until a statement of originality is received. =
For more information contact the editors at =
visit the Illuminations website at =
Editors: Angelique Little, Jacob Stewart, and Carter Ware=20
Faculty Advisor: Dr. David Breeden

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