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Douglas Dowland

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Guest Editors: Tom Lutz and Sean Scanlan

What are the most recent manifestations of nostalgia, and what are the
theoretical implications of the desire to return to a lost place and time?
Critics such as Fredric Jameson claim that nostalgia represents a crisis of
history, but yearning for a lost past can also mean a yearning for a mode
of representing the loss, hence, nostalgia is also linked to a crisis of
aesthetics. Considered a medical condition associated with homesickness in
the late 1700s, nostalgia has transcended both medicine and psychology, and
has been dispersed into all facets of culture. Nostalgia still carries its
etymological heritage of yearning for a lost home, but through the 1980s
and 90s, the term became attached to political allegiances, to problems of
theorizing history, and to models of consumerism. It is now time to revisit
nostalgia, to move it forward, and to see how it has changed.

For this special issue we are interested in investigating the role of
nostalgia as it is engaged by both the academy and popular culture. Is
there a new nostalgia? Is nostalgia a form of psychological whiplash, a
cultural style, the abdication of memory, an aesthetic treatment, an
ornament, a technique, a part of the narrative of history, or a part of the
narrative of critical theory? Possible topics include, but are not limited
to: representations of nostalgia in literature, film, television,
architecture, music, art, entertainment, criticism and theory, memoir,
fashion; nostalgia as it relates to modernism, postmodernism, memory,
aesthetics, history, medicine, and psychology; and nostalgia in the
historical novel, black and white photography and film, technology, and

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