CFP: Teaching Bibliography & Book History (4/1/04; collection)

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Teaching Bibliography, Textual Criticism, and Book History

400-word proposals due by April 1st.

Teaching Bibliography, Textual Criticism, and Book History will offer a=20=
variety of approaches to incorporating discussions of book history or=20
print culture into graduate and undergraduate classrooms. TBH will=20
consider the book as a literary, historical, cultural, and aesthetic=20

TBH will offer discussions on book history pedagogy by a variety of=20
scholars who teach bibliography, textual criticism, or book history in=20=
a range of courses, departments, and settings.

The volume will address the following questions:
=95What strategies (and materials) do teachers use to bring book history=20=
or textual criticism into the classroom?
=95How do teachers define book history in their classrooms?
=95How do teachers incorporate issues of authorship, reading, and=20
publishing into the curriculum?
=95What values does teaching book history bring to the classroom?
=95What purposes do teachers hope to fulfill by raising such issues in=20=
their curriculum?
=95Does teaching book history require teachers to reconceptualize=20
existing courses or can it be added into existing classes effectively?
=95What issues and questions do such courses raise for bibliography in=20=
particular and for the curriculum in general?
=95What purpose does teaching book history in the undergraduate=20
curriculum serve?
=95What purpose does teaching book history in the graduate curriculum=20

Subjects of essays may include, but are not limited to, the following:
=95Book history and print culture
=95Bibliographic theory, textual criticism, and editing
=95The role of critical theory in the methods course
=95The role of technology in the research process
=95The limitations and advantages of technological tools
=95Teaching descriptive bibliography
=95Teaching analytical bibliography
=95Outlines or surveys of course organization with rationales
=95Establishing cooperative relationships with libraries, booksellers,=20=
publishers, and printers

Proposals of 400 words due by April 1st by email or post.
Completed essays will run between 2000-3000 words.

Inquiries welcomed.

Ann R. Hawkins
Bibliography and Research Methods
Department of English
Texas Tech University
Lubbock TX 79409
806 742 2500 x296

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