CFP: Victorian Review: Literature and Money (5/15/05; journal issue)

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CFP: Literature and Money, Journal Issue (05/15/05).

Victorian Review
(Journal of the Victorian Studies of Western Canada and the Victorian Studies=20
Association of Canada).

Special issue on the topic of Literature and Money.

Guest editor:
Andrew Smith, University of Glamorgan, Wales, UK.

The aim of this special issue is to move the analysis of literature and money=20
beyond explicit class bound analyses. It is intended that contributors will=20
address some of the broader, although admittedly related, questions concerning=20
how models of money came to shape particular types of literary consciousness,=20
or certain forms of literary representation. To this end this issue will=20
explore how money is represented in either canonical or neglected texts, and how=20
such figurations influenced other forms of representation relating to gender,=20
desire, nationhood and the city. This is not to be prescriptive. Prospective=20
contributors would be invited to consider a range of related questionssuch as,=20
what is the relationship between theories of subjectivity and theories of=20
money? How are 'other' subjectivities (racial and national) formulated through=20
models of economics? Is there a relationship between literary form and theories of=20
money? How is poetry related to, or influenced by, the field of political=20
economy? How do novels from the period address the role of the female shopper?=20
What of money and crime? In what way do other, seemingly non-economic,=20
transactions symbolically represent financial transactions? How is money represented at=20
different times in the period? What of the difference between 'the hungry=20
forties' and later periods? How is money represented at the fin-de-si=E8cle?=20
Alternatively contributors can address these questions in relation to single=20
authors, or specific genres.

Complete articles of six thousand words (including notes) due by May 15th=20

Please send to:=20
Andrew Smith (Dr),
Head of English,
University of Glamorgan,
CF37 1DL,

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