CFP: Reconstructing Poststructuralism (ongoing; journal issue)

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M Wolf-Meyer

Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture (ISSN 1547-4348) =
<> is an innovative culture studies journal =
dedicated to fostering an intellectual community composed of scholars =
and their audience, granting them all the opportunity and ability to =
share thoughts and opinions on the most important and influential work =
in contemporary interdisciplinary studies.

We are particularly interested in reviewing manuscripts that interrogate =
poststructuralist theory and its methodological application. This may =
be done from any number of perspectives, and with any end in mind; =
possible sites for articulations may focus on the urban, the rural, the =
natural, the social, local and global "culture," politics, =
(auto)biography, medicine, the body, science, texts (music, cinema, =
literature), media (the internet, television), myth and religion.

Because we are committed to maintaining a regular publishing schedule =
(general issues in January, April, October, with special themed issues =
in July), we are always accepting submissions for upcoming issues, and =
promise a prompt reply for all enquiries and submissions.

Submissions are encouraged from a variety of perspectives, including, =
but not limited to: geography, cultural studies, folklore, architecture, =
history, sociology, psychology, communications, anthropology, music, =
political science, semiotics, theology, art history, queer theory, =
literary criticism, ecocriticism, criminology, urban planning, gender =
studies, etc. All theoretical and empirical approaches are welcomed.

In matters of citation, it is assumed that the proper MLA format will be =
followed. Other citation formats are acceptable in respect to the =
disciplinary concerns of the author. Additional information on the =
preparation of manuscripts for submission can be found at =

All submissions and submission queries should be written care of =

Reconstruction is currently indexed in the MLA International =

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