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April 2004)

Breaking the Bounds II: Postcolonial British Stages

Post war it was class which broke the bounds of the British stage; in the 60s
and after it was gender. Increasingly it is the theatre of the Other which is
seen as interesting, as I note in my book Breaking the Bounds: British
Feminist Dramatists Writing in the Mainstream since c. 1980, Peter Lang, 2003.
This critical anthology aims to publish essays on postcolonial theatre in
Britain. Essays are invited which critically analyze and evaluate twentieth
century British Black (Afro-Caribbean) and Asian (Indian, Pakistani, Bangla deshi)
drama. The papers should include an evaluation of how the drama analyzed is
relevant to British stages and audiences. I particularly need an historical
overview of Afro-Caribbean Black British drama, which is inclusive of male and
female playwrights and another paper which focuses on the contribution of
Afro-Caribbean black women/ feminist dramatists.

Abstracts of 500 words and a short biography of the author are invited by 15
April 2004. Abstracts by email only. Please do not send attachments.
Finished chapters must be submitted by August 30. Hard copy and disk in
Microsoft word to editor by post only. 6000 words. Endnotes.
Short bio of author including affiliations and previous publications in the

Editor: Dr. Dimple Godiwala
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