CFP: MTV and Philosophy (5/30/04; collection)

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Epiphanie Bloom
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Do the philosophical implications of MTV really get you going?

If so, you are invited to submit an abstract for a collection of essays on
'MTV and Philosophy'. I seek to obtain the permission of Open Court Books in
publishing the result as part of their trendy Popular Culture and Philosophy
series. The series has spawned six successful volumes since its 2001 debut
with 'Seinfeld and Philosophy', including the best-selling 'The Matrix and
Philosophy', and is noted for revitalising philosophical narratives through
its celebration of pop culture as worthy of in-depth analysis.

Ever since 1981 MTV has functioned as a status symbol in its own right,
quickly capturing the imagination of numerous audiences, a figure of
controversy in the (post)modern world it informs. Your mission, should you
choose to accept it, is to decide what MTV does for your philosophical
imagination, and stun me with your creative genius. Any philosophical
approach is permitted- if your topic requires an inter-disciplinary
examination then this will be respected, provided that philosophy remains
your key disciplinary outlook.

Please submit an abstract of roughly 500 words, keeping in mind a 4000 word
limit on all essays. It's strongly recommended that you are familiar with
the style of 'PC and Philosophy' series. Topics may be informed by, but
certainly not limited to, the following:

Aesthetics, appropriation, Barthes, Baudrillard, cable TV, censorship,
commercialization, community, consumption, eastern philosophy, Eminem,
epistemology, ethics, existentialism, fashion, Foucault, fragmentation,
gender, genre diversifications (e.g. mutation of 'pop' and 'rock' categories
over time), globalization, high culture vs. low culture, identity, image,
iMitation TVs, innovation, intertextuality, live feeds, Lyotard, Madonna,
mainstream, manufactured music, mash ups, metaphysics, mixes, 'MTV
Generation', multi-modal texts, phenomenology, pastiche, postmodernism,
programming, race, sampling, sexuality, simulation, status quo,
sub-cultures, synaesthesia, status, trends, youth culture, Weber, visual
culture, Zen.

Please email both your abstract and a copy of your CV to The current deadline is 5/30/04, which may or may
not be extended at a future date.

I am also currently searching for an assistant editor to aid me in this
project, so if you have a genuine desire to participate, email me with the
reasons why are the ideal person for the job, along with a copy of your CV.


Epiphanie Bloom

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