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Dorota Ostrowska
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New Cinemas: Journal of Contemporary Film
Volume 2:3 (2004) edited by World Cinema Group,
University of Leeds
CALL FOR BOOK REVIEWS deadline May 1st 2004

New Cinemas is a refereed academic journal devoted to the
study of contemporary film around the world. Recent
developments have brought about a renewal of film industries in the
Far and Middle East, Europe, Africa and America. However, there
is a marked tendency to focus exclusively upon issues of 'otherness'
and 'marginality', ignoring the specificities of these films. New
Cinemas challenges this value judgment to explore approaches that
posit the egalitarian value of cinema.
There is a strong focus on what is happening now. The focus is
on work being produced and new ways of approaching evaluation of
this work – not as if the work is done in a historical vacuum, but on
current work: We recognise filmmakers in Argentina or in Iran
always have behind them a tradition they can use or react against: we
believe the whole experience of 'avant-garde' film-making and the
explosion of styles to come out of the 1960s is relevant to – and
accounts for – the work of contemporary film-makers. This journal
breaks down barriers and places World cinema on an equal footing
with the 'mainstream' by creating a space where 'marginal' voices
can find a vehicle for expression.
The journal invites contributions from a wide and diverse
community of researchers. It seeks to generate and promote
research from both experienced researchers and to encourage those
new to this field. The aim is to provide a forum for debate arising
from findings as well as theory and methodologies. A range of
research approaches and methods is encouraged. The research field
of New Cinemas will include first the specificities of current work in
the New Cinemas, across the broadest possible geographic range,
furthering understanding of the specific through the articulation of an
egalitarian view of all Cinemas and second the specificities of the
New Cinemas, including evaluations through the histories, societies,
politics, cultures and other works that may bring influence and
Submissionsshould be in the following:
• Full Articles (5000-6000 words) should include original work of
    a research or developmental nature and/or proposed new methods
    or ideas which are clearly and thoroughly presented and argued.
• Notes (2000-5000 words) should include reports of research in
    progress, or reflections on the research process or research
• Reports (1000-2500 words) include perspectives on conferences,
    seminars and events pertaining to the subject matter of the
• Reviews (500-1500 words) include any published work (print or
    electronic) relevant to a further understanding of the subject
    of the journal.
We are seeking suitable papers for consideration by the
editorial group. In the first instance, manuscripts should be submitted
in two printed hard copies, double-spaced. All style conventions
and further details of the journal can be found at:
(See 'Information and Submissions' and 'Notes for Authors')
Please send manuscripts to: New Cinemas, C/o School of Modern
Languages and Cultures, University of Leeds, Leeds LS2 9JT,
Forthcoming deadlines for submission:
Volume 2:3 – 1 May 2004
For further information and article submission, please contact:
Song Hwee Lim (General Editor). Email:, or
Dorota Ostrowska (Book reviews editor). Email:

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