CFP: Nebula: Generalist/All Topics (5/15/04; online publication)

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-Nebula is an international, unique, first-class
publication. The project of Nebula is to provide an
interface between specialist and highly sophisticated ideas
and their articulation into a comprehensible medium of
layman’s terms. Unlike many academic publications, Nebula
is not limited to a specific school, faculty, or subject.
On the contrary we encourage diversity and multiplicity of
themes and topics presented in our issues. Nebula aims to
provide news and information about cutting edge research
(whether in Physics, History, Cultural Studies or
Microbiology etc.) in terms that anyone is able to
understand. We are also interested in providing an
alternative view to mainstream cultural and political
ideologies. As such Nebula is divided into two sections.
The first is a section for reviews and articles in which the
contributors have the opportunity to share their particular
enthusiasm with a wider, unprecedented audience. The second
section is entitled “Nebula News” and acts as a regular
exposé on current news items, consumer products, mainstream
views, television/film or cinema products that aren’t
telling us the truth, the whole truth or anything like the
truth. Nebula, which will be published at the domain aims to provide an alternative world-
view in which we can live honestly, peacefully and in
respect of our diversity and individual differences. This
magazine will soon become an internationally acclaimed
publication, as we have contacted contributors from all over
the globe for our first issue. We invite articles, reviews,
commentaries, creative writings, graphics, art….anything
that can be displayed on the world wide web. So get writing
and tell us something we don’t know that you DO know and
let’s grow in knowledge towards a better more equitable

If you are interested in becoming a regular columnist for
Nebula, putting a spin on the items you review please
contact us at Please include a
letter outlining what sort of commentary you would like to
provide for Nebula, a short CV if possible (previous
experience is not necessary, talent is preferred) and some
sample writings.

All claims within articles or reviews must be evidenced. We
will not accept hoax or poorly researched material. All
submissions must be accompanied by a short letter to the
editors which will include some autobiographical information
and any institutional affiliations. Articles and reviews
are not limited to any particular referencing style but MUST
be consistent throughout each submission. Contributions for
the first issue must be received by MAY 15 2004. Keep in
mind that only the most original, well presented and well
thought out pieces will be considered for publication.
Please email all your contributions and enquiries to

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