CFP: Tekumel and M. A. R. Barker (no deadline; collection)

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CFP: Tekumel and M. A. R. Barker [collection; no deadline]
Editor: Thomas Fortenberry

Open call for submissions to a new essay collection on SF-fantasy author M.
A. R. Barker and his phenomenally complex world of Tekumel. Tekumel, though
less well known than Middle-Earth, is the subject of numerous novels, popular
games, modules, and a forth-coming film.

Widely claimed to be far more complex and detailed than Tolkien's
Middle-Earth, the world of Tekumel created by the linguist professor M. A. R. Barker has
yet to be the subject of major critical study. This anthology hopes to
provide this critical review. The world of Tekumel is extremely rich for the
mining, with a deep history, numerous kingdoms, races, languages, technologies, and
religions. Essays welcomed on any topic related to Tekumel or Professor

Possible topics include:

M. A. R. Barker (biography and his teachings)

The World of Tekumel

The Races of Tekumel

Alien Versus Human

The History of Tekumel

The Languages of Tekumel

The Religions of Tekumel

Role of Religion in Preserving or Preventing Knowledge

Monasticism versus Militarism

Technology and Magic (also: versus or as)

Tekumel novels, characters, games, and related materials (such as The Book of
Ebon Bindings or the Tsolyani Language Primer)

The fusion of science fiction and fantasy

Comparative studies of Middle-Earth and Tekumel (or other created worlds such
as the Wheel of Time)

Influence of Tolkien on Barker?

Role of Art (also hieroglyph, mural, etc.)

Cannonical versus Non-cannonical Works

Geography/Nature/World as character/story

Depth of Time/Mythic History in cultural consciousness

Multiculturalism in Tekumel

Roman, Medieval European, Indian/Asian, and Mayan Influences

There is no deadline for submission. Please submit abstracts or topic
proposals for consideration. Essays should present serious studies, but remain
jargon free for consumption by the general public. The anthology is open to all
writers, be they scholars, literary critics, gamers, and/or fans, regardless of
area of expertise. The anthology hopes to consider all aspects of Professor
Barker's incredible creation. All submissions should be .RTF attachments or
snailmail documents.

Several months from now essays/topics will be officially assigned. Be
explicit if you are requesting a specific subject.

Thomas Fortenberry

Tekumel Project
6011-F Delta Crossing Lane
Charlotte, NC 28212 USA

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