CFP: The Eclipse of Poetry During the Age of Enlightenment? The Case of Spain, Italy, and France (7/1/04; volume of essays)

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Alina Sokol

Abstracts are solicited for the volume "The Eclipse of Poetry During the Age of
Enlightenment? The Case of Spain, Italy, and France."

In the history of poetry of Spain, Italy, and France, the Enlightenment pales in
comparison to the great poetic outbursts of the Baroque and Romanticism. There
is very little attention paid to this poetic tradition by both scholars and
teachers. In putting together this volume we are interested in revisiting this
phenomenon. Some questions to be answered are: Was the Enlightenment a
historical moment in which Plato's recommendation to expel poets from the
Republic was performed? If there is in fact an inherent incompatibility between
the values of reason and those traditionally associated with poetry, how is this
incompatibility played out? What was the nature of the change of poetry's status
in the hierarchy of literary genres? What was the relationship between the
relative decline in poetic production compared to poetic theory? Why is the
situation different from that of England?

We seek essays addressing, for Spain, Italy, and/or France: history of 18th
century poetry, close readings of 18th century poems, and the philosophy of 18th
century poetics. 18th century English perceptions of Spanish, Italian, or French
poetry of the period are also encouraged.

Abstracts should be at least one page long and can be written in English,
Spanish, Italian, French or German. Please send abstracts by July 1, 2004 to: and

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