CFP: Broadcasting Modernism (7/1/04; collection)

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Call for Papers
Broadcasting Modernism

Abstracts are invited for a volume on the relations between Modernist literature and aspects of radio. Abstracts might treat either the influence of radio on literary production, or the impact of literary production on the forms of broadcasting activity. As an alternative outlet for creative expression, radio employed many writers and poets in the dissemination of culture via the public/national radio services of the B.B.C. or the C.B.C, or via U. S. commercial stations. Papers treating this topic in other languages are also welcome, as is commentary on the differing practices and impact of commercial vs. national broadcasting systems.

Among other topics, contributors might consider:
--the explicit and implicit effect of radio sound upon the written word
--forms of radio propaganda and censorship
--how early ideas and doctrines espoused by certain writers reached a logical conclusion in their endorsement of, or revolt against, the wir
eless world
--the forms of radio propaganda
--the mass reception of broadcast literature
--writers who spoke on air or who wrote for radio
--the radio talk as genre
--original radio plays and acoustic adaptations of existing work.

Above all, this volume will explore radio as both a conceptual and actual influence on literature, which allows for a wide range of case studies. These essays need not discuss writers who actually did radio, but it might be worth observing something of the range of writers who did: Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett, Walter Benjamin, William Burroughs, Jean Cocteau, H. D., Cecil Day-Lewis, T.S. Eliot, Archibald MacLeish, Louis MacNeice, George Orwell, Ezra Pound, Stephen Spender, William Carlos Williams, P. G. Wodehouse, Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Group. Since the aim of this volume is to demonstrate the breadth of this still underdeveloped field, and also the range of work yet to be done, we will be looking for abstracts both various in kind a
nd new in conception.

Please submit an abstract proposal of 500 words by 1 July 2004. We prefer to receive abstracts electronically; please send electronic copies to all three editors:
Michael Coyle, Colgate University:
Jane Alison Lewty, University College London:
Debra Rae Cohen, University of Arkansas:

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