CFP: The Working-Class Intellectual in the 18th & 19th C. (9/15/04; collection)

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for a collection of essays to be published as a book on the figure of the
working-class intellectual in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Britain.
Recent scholarship demonstrates a growing interest in underprivileged figures
of modernity, men and women who are excluded from the "republic of letters"
based on their race, class, and gender identities. A considerable number of
recent books explore issues of working-class radicalism through the print
culture and political language of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries
while other recent work maps the narrative representations of the working-
class intellectual. This collection will continue these investigations through
a focus on the figure of the working-class intellectual and his/her location
within eighteenth- and nineteenth-century public sphere. While E.P Thompson's
exhaustive Making of the English Working Classes provides an excellent
historical and analytical framework for such a study, literary and cultural
studies have yet to perform a sustained analysis of the working-class
intellectual in the eighteenth century and nineteenth century. Topics to be
examined may include

How may we define a "working-class intellectual?"
What is the relationship of the working-class intellectual to what Jurgen
Habermas calls the "bourgeois public sphere?"
How do issues of race and gender impact this category?
Within what genres does the working-class intellectual appear or disappear?

We welcome a broad range of approaches that critically analyze the formation
and fate of such a figure.

Please send an abstract and brief biography or c.v. by 9/15/2004 to Email is preferred but the mailing address is:
Professor Jennifer Ruth
Portland State University
English Department
PO Box 751
Portland, OR 97207-0751

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