UPDATE: MTV, Representation, and Desire (8/15/04; collection)

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Marc Leverette

(extending CFP deadline)

S(t)imulate your imagination until August!

The deadline for the "I Want My S(t)imulation!" MTV, Representation &=20
Desire' volume has now been extended to the 15th of August 2004, so it's =

time to let your MTV-inspired processes flourish like never before!

Epiphanie Bloom (crispyclouds_at_hotmail.com) and Marc Leverette=20
(marclev_at_scils.rutgers.edu) look forward to receiving your abstracts. =
all enquiries, suggestions and after-thoughts, write to Epiphanie,

Happy S(t)imulating,
Ep. Bloom

   =3D~=3D~=3D~=3D~=3D0riginal CFP is below:~=3D

N.B. Due to the overabundance of material currently available to Open
Court, the "MTV and Philosophy" project is indefinitely on hold...
However, if you keep reading, a new work has emerged out of all this

"I Want My S(t)imulation!" MTV, Representation & Desire

Abstracts are sought for a postmodern collection of intellectual
works based upon MTV and the space(s) it may have created in your
mind. Often celebrated, blamed or categorised as the epitome of this,
that or other, MTV could be described a status symbol in its own
right... Using a disciplinary approach of your choice (a multiplicity
would do!), and a great deal of self-reflexivity and imagination, I'd
like you to indulge in your MTV-inspired processes by engaging with
the following:

1. Simulate your MTV:
Investing to some extent in Baudrillard's reference to the
term `simulation', expose your audience to your self-conscious
grappling with the acronym of MTV, and whatever numerous implications
of that you consume. (Baudrillard needs not be addressed in your
work, and you may work around the term `simulation' if you desire.)

2. Stimulate your MTV:
If the simulating your MTV doesn't work for you, perhaps stimulation
ought to do it: how you are able to `stimulate' MTV into working for
you? While the above is oriented towards the `postmodern', this
option engages a dialogue with the `avant-garde'.

Your work may be inspired by, but certainly not limited to, the
following list of key words:

- Barthes, Baudrillard, Deleuze and Guattari, Derrida, Foucault,
- Madonna, Eminem, Nirvana.
- Jackass, Newlyweds, Made, The Real Word, The Osbournes.
- MTV2 (& other MTV-affiliated networks), Channel V, MusicMax, etc.
- pop, rock, hip-hop, techno.
- gender, genre - hopping and diversification.
- mixes, mashes, sampling, censorship, authorization.
- mainstream, alternative, status quo, subversive.
- consumption, capitalism (, schizophrenia).
- post-anything.
- psychology, philosophy, politics, programming.
- mass media, marketing, moral ambiguity.
- visual culture, youth culture, postmodern culture cultural studies.
- controversy.
- MTV Generation, anthropology, sociology
- race religion ethnicity gender sexuality it's up to you

While the traditional essay format will be accepted (grumblingly), I
encourage abstract artists to pitch a more subversive work,
experimenting with genre and/or visual presentation. Let `the MTV
style' be your muse. Creative, analytical, and under 4000 words are
the only preliminary requirements.

Please send an abstract of roughly 500 words to Epiphanie Bloom and/or =
Marc Leverette, along with a CV. The current due date for abstracts is =
08/15/04 [updated]. This may be extended in the light of the responses =

Marc Leverette
Department of Journalism and Media Studies
School of Communication, Information, and Library Studies
Rutgers University
4 Huntington Street
New Brunswick, NJ 08901-1701

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