CFP: Hispanic American Literature (7/7/04 & 9/15/04; encyclopedia volume)

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Dear Colleagues:

This is a call for contributions to the Hispanic American Literature Volume in
*The Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature.*

Contributors are sought to write entries on Hispanic American Literature for the *Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature,* a 3-volume set, to be published by Facts On File. Facts on File is a New York publisher of reference books for high school and college students (

Entries range from 600 to 1200 words; each contributor may write one or several entries.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact *by email* Luz Elena Ramirez (Editor of the Hispanic American Literature volume).

Please send an informal proposal by 7/7/2004 to that explains:
1) your interest in the author/topic and your qualifications to write the entry/entries. (about 100 words)
2) an abbreviated vita typed within the email (education, publications, conferences)
3) contact information (affiliation, daytime phone number, fax, e-mail and address).

No attachments please.

Please note that entries will consist of biographical overviews as well as analyses of
individual works. If you choose an author, then please be aware that other contributors may write about specific works.

Once proposals are received and approved, I will send out assignments, sample entries,
guidelines, and contracts.

Deadline for entries: September 15, 2004. Preference will be given to those who can send in their entries early, before the deadline.

Thank you.
Luz Elena Ramirez, Editor
Hispanic American Literature Volume,
The Encyclopedia of American Ethnic Literature.
New York: Facts on File (forthcoming).

Author/Text/Concept & Word Count Assigned
Accounts of the Alamo 600
Acosta, Oscar Zeta 600
Acosta, Oscar Zeta (Autobiography of a Brown Buffalo) 800
Acuna, Rodolfo (Anything but Mexican: Chicanos in Contemporary Los Angeles) 800
Acuna, Rodolfo (Occupied: A History of Chicanos)1000
Agosin, Marjorie(A Cross and a Star) 600
Agosin, Marjorie (Always from Somewhere Else) 600
Algarin, Miguel 700
Algarin, Miguel (On Call; poetry) 600
Allende, Isabel (Daughter of Fortune) 800
Allende, Isabel (House of Spirits) 800
Allende, Isabel (Infinite Plan) 800
Allende, Isabel (Paula) 800
Alvarez (!Yo!) 1000
Alvarez (How the Garcia Girls Lost their Accents) 1000
Alvarez (In the Time of the Butterflies) 1000
Alvarez, Julia (Before we were free) 1000
Alvarez, Julia (In the Name of Salome) 800
Ambert, Alba (A Perfect Silence) 600
Anzaldua, Gloria 1000
Anzaldua, Gloria (Borderlands/La Frontera) 1000
Arenas, Reinaldo 1000
Arenas, Reinaldo (Before Night Falls) 1000
Arias, Ron 800
Arias, Ron (Road to Tamazunchale) 800
Avendano, Fausto (Ballad of California) 1000
Balmaseda, Liz and Pedro Jose Greer (Waking Up in America)1000
Belli, Gioconda (The Country Under My Skin) 800
Belli, Gioconda (The Inhabited Woman) 800
Bencastro, Mario (A Shot in the Cathedral)800
Bencastro, Mario (Odyssey to the North) 800
Bencastro, Mario (The Tree of Life: stories of Civil War) 800
Braschi, Giannina (Empire of Dreams; prose)800
Braschi, Giannina (Yo Yo Boing; prose) 1000
Cabeza de Baca Gilbert, Fabiola (We Fed Them Cactus) 800
Cabeza de Baca, Manuel (Vicente Silva and His 40 Bandits)800
Cambeira, Alan (Azucar) 1000
Candelaria, Nash 1000
Candelaria, Nash (Inheritance of Strangers)800
Candelaria, Nash (Not by the Sword)800
Castaneda, Omar (Remembering to Say Mouth or Face)1000
Castilllo, Ana 1000
Castillo, Ana (Massacre of the Dreamers: Essays on Xicanisma) 1000
Castillo, Ana (Goddess of the Americas: Writings on the Virgin of Guadalupe)1000
Castillo, Ana (Peel My Love Like an Onion)800
Castillo, Ana (So Far From God) 800
Santiago, Esmeralda 1000
Castillo, Ana (The Mixquiahuala Letters)1000
Cervantes, Lorna Dee 1000
Chacon, Eusebio 1000
Chambers, Veronica 800
Chavez, Angelico (Fray) 1000
Chavez, Cesar 1200
Chavez, Denise 1000
Chavez, Denise (Face of an Angel) 800
Chavez, Denise (The Last of the Menu Girls) 800
Santeria 800
Chicano Literature 1200
Cisneros, Sandra 1200
Cisneros, Sandra (Caramelo) 800
Cisneros, Sandra (The House on Mango Street) 1000
Cisneros, Sandra (Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories) 1000
Code Switching 800
Columbus, Christopher 1500
Corpi, Lucha 800
Costanso, Miguel (Conquest of California 1770) 1000
Cuban American Literature 1500
Curandera 800
de Aragon, Uva (also Uva Clavijo) 800
de Burgos, Julia 1000
de Casteneda, Pedro (Coronado Expediton 1540) 1000
de Escobar, Francisco (The Account) 1000
de Escobedo, Alonso Gregorio (La Florida) 1000
de la Casas, Bartolome 1500
de Niza, Marcos (Discovery of the Seven Cities of Cibola) 1000
Delgado, Juan 1000
Diaz, Junot 800
Diaz, Junot (Drown) 1000
Dominican American Literature 1500
El Amigo de Hombres (pseudonym) On Behalf of Mankind: To All the Inhabitants of the Islands and the Vast Continent of Spanish America 800
El Teatro Campesino 1000
Elizondo, Virgilio (The Future Is Mestizo: Life Where Cultures Meet) 1000
Engle, Margarita 800
Escandon, Maria Amparo (Esperanza's Box of Saints; novel)800
Espaillat, Rhina (Lapsing to Grace) 800
Esteves, Sandra Maria 800
Fernandez, Roberto (Raining Backwards) 800
Ferre, Rosario (The House on the Lagoon) 1000
Fontes, Montserrat 1000
Fornes, Maria Irene 1000
Galarza, Ernesto 1000
Galarza, Ernesto (Barrio Boy)800
Garcia Ramis, Magali 800
Garcia Ramis, Magali (Happy Days, Uncle Sergio) 1000
Garcia, Cristina (Monkey Hunting) 600
Garcia, Cristina (Dreaming in Cuban) 1000
Garcia, Cristina (The Aguero Sisters) 1000
Gilb, Dagoberto 1000
Goldman, Francisco (The Long Night of White Chickens)800
Goldman, Francisco (The Ordinary Seaman)600
Gonzales, Rodolfo 1000
Gonzalez de Mireles, Jovita 800
Gonzalez, Jose Luis (The Night We Became People Again) 800
Grillo, Evelio 800
Hijuelos, Oscar 1000
Hijuelos, Oscar (Empress of the Splendid Season)1000
Hijuelos, Oscar (Simple Habana Melody) 1000
Hijuelos, Oscar (The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love) 1000
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando 1000
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando (Dear Rafe) 800
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando (Klail City) 1000
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando (Partners in Crime)800
Hinojosa Smith, Rolando (Useless Servants)800
Hispanic American Journalism 1200
Islas, Arturo 1000
Islas, Arturo (Migrant Souls) 800
Islas, Arturo (Rain God)1000
Jaramillo, Cleofas 800
La Llorona 1000
Lamazares, Ivonne 800
Latino Literature 1500
Laviera, Tato 600
Leguizamo, John (Freak) 600
Liberation Theology 1000
Limon, Graciela (Erased Faces) 700
Limon, Graciela (In Search of Bernabe) 700
Limon, Graciela (Song of the Hummingbird)700
Limon, Graciela (The Day of the Moon) 700
Limon, Graciela (The Memories of Ana Calderon) 700
Literary Criticism of Hispanic American Literature 1500
Literary Currents from Latin America 2000
Literature of the Border 2000
Literature of the Conquest 2000
Magical Realism 1200
Manrique, Jaime (Eminent Maricones; memoir)800
Manrique, Jaime (Latin Moon in Manhattan)800
Marques, Rene (The Oxcart/La Carreta) 600
Marti, Jose 1000
Marti, Jose ("Our America")1000
Martinez, Elizabeth 800
Martinez, Ruben (Crossing Over: A Mexican Family on the Migrant Trail)800
Menendez, Ana (In Cuba I was a German Shepherd) 600
Menendez, Ana (Loving Che) 800
Mexican American Literature 1500
Mohr, Nicholasa (El Bronx Remembered, stories) 1000
Mohr, Nicholasa (Nilda) 1000
Moraga, Cherrie 1000
Morales, Aurora Levins 800
Munoz Ryan, Pam (Esperanza Rising) 800
Munoz, Elias Miguel 800
Norte, Marisela 800
Novoa, Juan Bruce 1000
Obejas, Achy 800
O'Reilly Herrera, Andrea 600
Ortiz Cofer, Judith (Line of the Sun) 1000
Ortiz Cofer, Judith (Silent Dancing, Memoir) 800
Ortiz Cofer, Judith (The Latin Deli) 800
Ortiz Cofer, Judith (The Meaning of Consuelo, novel)800
Otero, Manuel Antonio 800
Paredes, Americo 1000
Paredes, Americo (With a Pistol in His Hand) 1000
Perez de Villagra, Gaspar (History of NM 1610)1000
Perez Firmat, Gustavo 1000
Perez Firmat, Gustavo (Bilingual Blues) 800
Perez Firmat, Gustavo (Life on the Hyphen)1000
Perez, Luis (El Coyote/The Rebel) 800
Perez, Ramon "Tianguis" (Diary of a Guerrilla) 800
Perez, Ramon "Tianguis" (Diary of an Undocumented Immigrant)800
Pietri, Pedro 1000
Pinero, Miguel 1000
Pinero, Miguel (Short Eyes) 800
Puerto Rican Literature 1500
Quinn, Anthony (Original Sin) 600
Quinonez, Ernesto (Bodega Dreams)700
Rebolledo, Tey and Maria Teresa Marquez (Women's Tales from the NM WPA) 1000
Rechy, John 1000
Rechy, John (The Miraculous Day of Amalia Gomez) 800
Cabeza de Vaca (Relacion/The Account) 1000
Retamar, Roberto 1000
Retamar, Roberto (Caliban and Other Essays)1000
Rivera, Tomas 1200
Rodriguez Jr., Abraham 1000
Rodriguez, Jr. Abraham (Boy without a Flag; stories)800
Rodriguez, Jr. Abraham (Spidertown: A novel) 800
Rodriguez, Luis 800
Rodriguez, Richard 1000
Rodriguez, Richard (Brown) 800
Rodriguez, Richard (Days of Obligation) 1000
Rodriguez, Richard (Hunger of Memory)1000
Rojas, Arnold 800
Roque, Ana 1000
Ruiz de Burton, Maria Amparo (The Squatter and the Don) 700
Ruiz de Burton, Maria Amparo (Who Would have thought it?)700
Sahagun, Bernardino (Florentine Codex) 1000
Santiago, Esmeralda (When I was Puerto Rican)1000
Sequin, Juan Nepomuceno (Personal Memoirs of John N. Seguin 1834-1842) 800
Sommer, Doris 1000
Soto, Gary 800
Soto, Pedro Juan (Spiks)800
Spanglish 600
Stavans, Ilan 1000
Stavans, Ilan (The Hispanic Condition) 800
Suarez, Virgil 800
The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez 1000
Thomas, Piri 800
Thomas, Piri (Down these Mean Streets) 1000
Travel Narratives 1200
Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo 1000
Ulibarri, Sabine 800
Urrea, Luis Alberto 1000
Urrea, Luis (Across the Wire: Life and Hard Times on the Mexican Border) 800
Urrea, Luis (The Devil's Highway: A True Story) 800
Valdez, Luis 1000
Valdez, Luis (Zoot Suit)1000
Valenzuela, Luisa 800
Vea, Alfredo 800
Vega, Ana Lydia 800
Veiga, Marisella 800
Velasquez, Loreta Janeta (Woman in Battle) 800
Vilar, Irene (The Ladies' Gallery) 800
Villarreal, Jose Antonio 1000
Villasenor, Victor 1000
Villasenor, Victor (Rain of Gold)1000
Viramontes, Helen Maria 1000

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Luz Elena Ramirez, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of English
5500 University Parkway
California State University, San Bernardino
San Bernardino, CA 92407

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