CFP: Encyclopedia of the Middle East and South Asia (8/15/04; encyclopedia)

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Jennifer D. Yusin

CFP: Encyclopedia of the Middle East and South Asia (8/15/04)

Call for contributing articles: Encyclopedia of the Middle East and South Asia

This five volume encyclopedia, to be published by M.E. Sharpe, is primarily
focused on culture, history, religion, geography, and archeology rather than
politics, economics, and current events. Note that politics, economics, and
current events will be subsumed into categories such as culture and history.
The encyclopedia is organized according to a five level principle by which the
most general categories are designated as level one. Topics designated as level
four or five represent the highest level of specificity. Though the
encyclopedia is invested in the singular character of regions, cultures,
people, languages, etc., it is also largely invested in demonstrating how the
regions of the Middle East and South Asia have interacted over time.
Additionally, the encyclopedia is aimed at scholars of varying levels and ages
such that a high school student may find the encyclopedia as informative and
useful as a college student. Listed below is the current level one headword

Art and Architecture
Geography: Physical and Political
History: Imperialism and Colonialism
Mythology and Folklore
Society and Culture (including food, clothing, dance, music, etc.)
Trade and Economics

Varied levels of contribution are encouraged. All inquiries will receive an
extended headword list as well as a more detailed description of contributing
article guidelines.

Please email all inquires along with a brief C.V. by August 15, 2004 to:

Gordon Newby
Professor of Islamic and Jewish Studies
Department of Middle Eastern and South Asia Studies
Emory University

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