CFP: On Foreign Ground? English-language Poetry and the Pictorial (10/31/04; e-journal issue)

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Renee Dickason

Call for contributions
La revue LISA / LISA e-journal :

English-language Poetry and the Pictorial

"Colour and space are ineffable. One can obviously paraphrase or describe
what one sees in a painting. But the painting itself, that weird, magical
and absurd object, can be neither pictured nor depicted. For what is being
sought is not the same." So writes New Figuration painter Henri Cueco in his
studio diary, Le journal d'une pomme de terre (The Diary of a Potato),
[1993] (2001).
And yet, there are poets who "invoke" paintings, who give words to them,
without paraphrasing them. But if these poets do not remain on the outside
of the painting, what use do they make of it? What is the nature of the
"desire" that draws them towards the painting? Is it really as different
from the painter's own desire as Henri Cueco believes?
And finally, if we agree with the idea that what motivates a poet is not
simply the desire to depict the contents of the painting, what happens to
the painting when it becomes the subject / object of a poem? Simultaneously,
what happens to the poem when a painting becomes its subject / object? How
do poems transform such an object? How does painting mark the text?

These are among the questions which contributors to this number of LISA
e-journal on the crossing of English-language poetry over to the realm of
the pictorial may wish to address. Propositions, in English or French,
should be submitted by October 31, 2004, preceded by a short
bio-bibliography of the authors.
Completed articles will be required for July 31, 2005. They will be
reviewed by at least two reviewers, on the understanding that the materials
have not been submitted to and accepted by another journal. Illustrations
can be provided on the express condition that no copyrights are to be paid.
All submissions should be double-spaced, and conform to the MLA style. For
further details, please check on LISA e-journal's web-site :

Contact : Pascale GUIBERT (University of Caen, France)
e-mail :

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