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Tim Fox
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Kui Xing: The Journal of Asian/Diasporic and Aboriginal Literature =
invites articles about Asian, Asian Diaspora, and Indigenous literatures =
being written in or translated into English. Articles focusing on single =
authors or multiple authors are welcome, as are comparative studies that =
bring together various authors, topics, theoretical approaches or genres =
for critical consideration. Interviews and book reviews are also =


All submissions must use MLA style, and include an abstract and key =
words section. Contributors may submit through email or by mailing a =
disk or CD-R through the regular post. For full details regarding =
submissions look for the Call for Papers at the Kui Xing website: =


About Kui Xing


Kui Xing: The Journal of Asian/Diasporic and Aboriginal Literature is a =
new online open-access journal sponsored by Chinese Culture University =
and produced by Panopticonasia Press in Taipei. Contributions are =
subjected to a two-track review process in which all articles go through =
an initial screening process and those selected must then undergo a =
blind review process. What makes Kui Xing unique is that all articles =
that have passed the initial stage are automatically posted online where =
readership feedback and anonymous exchange with the author is available. =


As an online journal, Kui Xing goes beyond the parameters of traditional =
academic journals. The focus of Kui Xing is to create a community where =
scholars and artists may come together to share experiences and debate =
ideas. Readers may actively participate by joining our Discussion Group =
and our Reviewer Workshop. Sections of the website are also dedicated to =
invited contributions (both non-fiction and fiction) from celebrated =
scholars and authors, articles on how to teach literature, and essays on =
the confluence of human rights and the arts. In many ways this is a new =
venture, and the editors of Kui Xing are excited by the opportunity to =
build a valuable community as well as an internationally respected =

Visit the website or contact Prof. Timothy Fox at =

Kui Xing Editors

Chinese Culture University

PO Box 1-36

Hwakang, Yangmingshan



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