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Kerry Moore
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An Invitation to Students and Scholars of Canadian Theatre from Kerry
Moore, Editorial Advisor

Grolier is in the midst of producing the publication of the
Gabrielle H. Cody and Evert Sprinchorn of Vassar College. This
four-volume set will offer a total of one million words on a variety of
topics ranging from Ibsen to the present, and the target audience
consists of college students, high school students and general readers.
Following is an elaboration from the general editors:

International, comprehensive, and interdisciplinary in scope, the
encyclopedia will be structured as a compendium of substantive
articles, and will differ conceptually from previous and existing works
of reference by positioning crucial playwrights directly into
political, cultural, and philosophical contexts. Experts in the fields
of theater history, dramatic literature and criticism, and theater
studies will engage conventional as well as experimental, established
as well as emerging, authors. Much emphasis will be placed on the
multiplicity of aesthetic genres, viewpoints, and voices that animate
the modern and contemporary dramatic landscape.

As a member of the Advisory Board, I have responsibility for the
section on the drama of Canada from 1860 to 2004. The essays required
for this section are either biographical profiles of playwrights, brief
analyses of selected plays, or cultural surveys.

I seek scholars to write contributions on the following topics:


Andre Simard (500 words)

Antoine Maillet (500 words)

Cree Ian Ross (500 words)

Daniel David Moses (500 words)

Daniel MacIvor (500 words)

David Fennario (500 words)

David Freeman (500 words)

David French (500 words)

David French (500 words)

David Young (500 words)

Denise Boucher (500 words)

Dennis Foon (500 words)

Djanet Sears (500 words)

E.P. Aldous and Jean McIlwraith (500 words)

George Ryga (500 words)

Henry Fuller (500 words)

Jason Sherman (500 words)

Joan McLeod (500 words)

John Gray (500 words)

John Kriznac (500 words)

John Mighton (500 words)

John Murrell (500 words)

Judith Thompson (500 words)

Linda Griffiths (500 words)

Lois Reynolds Kerr (500 words)

Margaret Hollingsworth (500 words)

Marjorie Pickthall (500 words)

Merril Denison (500 words)

Michael Cook (500 words)

Michael Hollingsworth (500 words)


Ain't Lookin (George Luscombe) (500 words)

Albertine, en Cinq Temps (Albertine in Five Times) (Michel Tremblay)
(500 words)

Almighty Voice and His First Wife (Daniel David Moses) (500 words)

Amigo's Blue Guitar (Joan McLeod) (500 words)

Aria (Tomson Highway) (500 words)

Hey Rube! (George Luscombe) (500 words)

Hosanna (Michel Tremblay) (500 words)

I Love You Baby Blue (Paul Thompson) (500 words)

Jewel (Joan McLeod) (500 words)

Jitters (David French) (500 words)

Les Belles Soeurs (Sisters in Law) (Michel Tremblay) (500 words)

Les Feluettes (Lilies) (Michel Marc Bouchard) (500 words)

Lion in the Streets (Judith Thompson) (500 words)

Marcel Poursuivi par les Chiens (Marcel Pursued by Hounds) (Michel
Tremblay) (500 words)

Needles and Opium (Robert Lapage) (500 words)

Polygraph (Robert Lapage) (500 words)

Reading Hebron (Jason Sherman) (500 words)

Saga of West Hens (Jovette Marchessault) (500 words)

Saint Francis of Hollywood (Sally Clark) (500 words)

Scientific Americans (John Mighton) (500 words)

Still Stand the House (Gwen Pharis Ringwood) (500 words)

Tamara (John Kriznac) (500 words)

The Baby Blues (Drew Hayden Taylor) (500 words)

The Coronation Voyage (Michel Marc Bouchard) (500 words)

The Crackwalker (Judith Thompson) (500 words)

The League of Nathans (Jason Sherman) (500 words)

The Seven Streams of the River Ota (Robert Lapage) (500 words)

The Tale of Teeka (Michel Marc Bouchard) (500 words)

The Woodcarver's Wife (Marjorie Pickthall) (500 words)

War Babies (Margaret Hollingsworth) (500 words)

Zastozzi (George F. Walker) (500 words)


English Canadian Drama 1860-2004 (2500 words)
French Canadian Drama 1860-2004 (2500 words)

Each entry will bear the author's name, and contributors will be
compensated at the rate of twelve cents per word, so a 500 word essay
would pay $60. Each contributor may commit to as many or as few essays
as s/he wishes and each topic is available until I assign it to someone.

Sample essays and guidelines for submission will accompany your
contract from Grolier.

If you would like to contribute, please contact me via email at and let me know which topics interest you.
Please do not submit finished essays until I have confirmed your

Deadline for submissions: August 31, 2004. No submissions will be
accepted after this deadline.

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