UPDATE: Sovereignty between the Nation and the City (11/15/04; journal issue)

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Call for Papers, Special Issue of The Canadian Review of Studies in

 The growth of modern urban centers and the attendant decline of rural
 populations have been cited as contributing to the growth of nations and
 nationalisms. This construction of the city's role, however, leaves
 unexplored the tensions and conflicts between urbanism and nationalism, as
 well as the competing ideological claims each makes on the sovereignty of
 citizens. The city can be understood as a site underwritten by both
 nationalist and cosmopolitan concerns and discourses, as well as a site in
 which issues of uneven development, in terms of both intra-national and
 global contexts, work themselves out. This special issue will explore these
 concerns and question how we navigate these competing ideological
 imperatives. It will also look at how what has come to be called
 "globalism" can be read as a species of urbanism, and how nationalisms the
 world over compete against globalizing institutions and structures for the
 sovereignty of citizens.

 We are interested in essays that either explore a specific national-urban
 formation or theoretical papers that read the sometimes unwritten component
 of cosmopolitanism or urbanism within theories of nationalism. Submissions
 must be previously unpublished, not under consideration elsewhere, and
 between 18-25 manuscript pages. Please conform to the Chicago method for
 citations. The deadline for completed papers is November 15, 2004; the
 volume will be published in December, 2005. We are glad to respond to
 queries, but can only ultimately render a decision on completed essays.
 Please submit essays as hard-copy only, in duplicate, to:

 Prof. Robert Brazeau
 Department of English and Film Studies
 HC 3-5
 University of Alberta
 Edmonton, AB
 T6G 2E5


 Ernst Gerhardt
 Department of English and Film Studies
 HC 3-5
 University of Alberta
 Edmonton, AB
 T6G 2E5

 Please direct queries to either of the editors: Robert Brazeau
 <rbrazeau_at_ualberta.ca> or Ernst Gerhardt <ecg_at_ualberta.ca>.

Dr. Robert Brazeau, Asst. Professor
Department of English and Film Studies
HC 3-5
University of Alberta
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2E5
ph: 780.492.4708
fax: 780.492.8142


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