UPDATE: Encyclopedia of Ethnic American Literature (11/1/04; collection)

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Emmanuel nelson
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Encyclopedia of Ethnic
American Literature
Emmanuel S. Nelson
Department of English
Cortland, NY 13045
Ph: 607-753-2078
Fax: 607-753-5978
E-mail: emmanueln_at_hotmail.com
nelsone_at_cortland.edu Advisory Board
Ken Cerniglia (Cornish College
   of the Arts)
Thomas Gladsky (SW Missouri Univ)
Guiyou Huang (Kutztown University)
Arnold Krupat (Sarah Lawrence College)
Paul Lauter (Trinity College)
Ann Shapiro (SUNY-Farmingdale)
Roberta Fernanadez (Univ of Georgia)
Loretta Woodard (Marygrove College)

Contributors are sought for the forthcoming multi-volume, fully illustrated
Encyclopedia of Ethnic American Literature scheduled for publication by
Greenwood Press in mid-2005. Over one million words in length, the work will
be published simultaneously in five volumes. Nearly 90% of the project is
already complete. However, a few dozen entries/topics remain unassigned. If
you are interested in writing one or more entries, please contact the
editor, Emmanuel Nelson.
Remuneration will be based on the total number of words that you contribute
to the Encyclopedia. Here are the guidelines:
500 words : $30
750 words : $50
1,000 words: $75
1,250 words: $100
1,500 words and above: A complimentary copy of the five-volume Encyclopedia
(all five volumes) valued at about $500
The deadline for the completed entries is November 1, 2004. For additional
information, please contact
Emmanuel Nelson (emmanueln_at_hotmail.com).
List of Entries
African American Literature

Belton, Don (750 words)
Bennet, Hal (500 words)
Brown, Cecil (500 words)
Clarke, Cheryl (750 words)
Colter, Cyrus (750 words)
Davis, Frank Marshall (500 words)
Dent, Tom (750 words)
Dunbar, Paul Laurence (1250 words)
Dunbar-Nelson, Alice Moore (750 words)
Duplechan, Larry (750 words)
Franklin, J. e. (500 words)
Foote, Julia A. J. (500 words)
Gaines, Patrice (500 words)
Hardy, James Earl (500 words)
Jacobs, Harriet (750 words)
Keckley, Elizabeth (750 words)
Knight, Etheridge (750 words)
Lee, Jarina (500 words)
Madgett,Naomi Long (500 words)
Marrant, John (500 words)
Mayes, Raymina (500 words)
McCall, Nathan (500 words)
McKnight, Reginald (750 words)
Miller, May (750 words)
Osbey, Brenda Marie (500 words)
Plumpp, Sterling (750 words)
Polite, Carlene Hatcher (750 words)
Rahman, Aisha (500 words)
Redmond, Eugene (500 words)
Spence, Eulalie (750 words)
Thurman, Wallace (750 words)
Walker, Joseph A. (750 words
Williams, John A. (1000 words)
Williams, Samm-Art (750 words)

Cereno, Virginia (500 words)
Bacho, Peter (500 words)
Brainard, Cecelia (750 words)
Chee, Alexander (500 words)
Chong, Ping (500 words)
Dizon, Louella (500 words)
Filipino American Drama (1500 words)
Filipino American Poetry (1500 words)
Gotanda, Philip Ken (500 words)
Houston, Velina (750 words
Kwong, Dan (500 words)
Lau, Alan Chong (500 words)
Lee, Cherylene (500 words)
Lim, Jimmy (500 words)
Lim, Jr., Paulino (500 words)
Lo, Steven (500 words)
Nair, Meera (500 words)
Nishikawa, Lane (500 words)
Ong, Han (500 words)
Poetry, Filipino American (1500 words)
Sakamoto, Edward (500 words)


Collins, Merle (750 words)
Dominican American Poetry (1500 words)

Hawai'i Literature

Hawai'i Autobiography (1500 words)
Hawai'i Drama (1500 words)
Hawai'i Poetry (1500 words)
Hawai'I Novel (2000 words)
Holt, John Dominis (1500 words)


Di Prima, Diane (500 words)
Ferro, Robert (500 words)
Gambone, Philip (750 words)

Anti-Semitism (1500 words)
Bersnstein, Charles (750 words)
Dahlberg, Edward (750 words)
Endore, Guy [Samuel Goldstein] (750 words)
Englander, Nathan (750 words)
Epstein, Leslie (750 words)
Epstein, Joseph (750 words)
Falk, Marcia (750 words)
Feiffer, Jules (750 words)
Fein, Leonard (750 words)
Fein, Richard (750 words)
Feinberg, David (750 words)
Fishman, Charles (750 words)
Freeman, Joseph (750 words)
Fried, Emanuel (750 words)
Funeroff, Sol (750 words)
Gerber, Merrill J. (500 words)
Ginsberg, Allen (1500 words)
Glickman, Gary (750 words)
Hershman, Marcie (500 words)
Jerome, V. J. [Isaac Jerome Romaine] (750 words)
Koch, Kenneth (750 words)
Malamud, Bernard (1500 words)
Mendelbaum, Allen (750 words)
Merkin, Daphne (750 words)
Meyers, Bert (500 words)
Mitchell, Steven (750 words
Poetry, Jewish American (3000 words)
Rakosi, Carl (500 words)
Ribman, Ronald (750 words)
Rolfe, Edwin [Solomon Fishman] (750 words)
Rosenberg, David (750)
Rothenberg, Jerome (750 words)
Rudman, Mark (750 words)
Schwartz, Howard (750 words)
Sherman, Martin (750 words)
Stein, Gertrude (1000 words)
Sterne, Steve (750 words)
Yankowitz, Susan (750 words)
Swados, Elizabeth (750 words)
Zukofsky, Louis (750 words)


Castillo, Rafael (500 words)
Cumpian, Carlos (500 words)
Fraxedas, Joaquin (500 words)
Munoz, Elias Miguel (500 words)
Torre, Omar (500 words)
Torregrosa, Luisita Lopez (500 words)


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