CFP: pacific REVIEW: Omnivore (12/21/04; journal issue)

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CFP: pacific REVIEW: Omnivore

From: Estela Eaton & Leon Lanzbom
Date: Mon July 19, 2004


pacific REVIEW, a west coast arts review annual,
showcases the work of emergent literati, pairing
their work with that of established scholars and
artists. Past issues boast the talents of Michele
Serros, Ernesto Cardinal, Carolyne Forché, Susan
Daitch, Claribel Alegría, Lawrence Ferlinghetti,
William Vollman, and Jorge Luis Borges, to name a

In the upcoming 2005 issue, pacific REVIEW
focuses on the "omnivore" within us. Our goal in
the 2005 issue is to open the cerebral
floodgates. Our omnivorous nature suggests that
human beings are not vessels locked in a state of
single consciousness. In fact we are role
players--sages, lovers, comedians, victims,
inventors, guardians, destroyers and wanderers at
will. Our synapses overflow with all sorts of
contemplations, cerebrations and cogitations:
love, hate, life, death, resistance, mysticism,
genies, water, cats, dogs, snails, and curse
words. These diverse appetites are glorified in
the minds and works of artists. The artist's soul
is in constant motion--hunting, processing and
digesting knowledge that is not readily available
to it, while obsessing over the most common
tidbits of truth. For our 2005 issue, your
critical essays, short stories, poetry, art,
photography (b/w), graphic narrative (comics),
and one-act scripts will show us who you are,
what you hunger for, what you consume, what you
surrender, what you've learned, where you've
been, or where you're going.

All work should be clearly typed, double-spaced,
on one side of the page only. Include your name,
address, telephone number, and email address.
Prose works should be no more than 2,500 to 3,500
words. If you are including graphics, a minimum
of 300dpi, grayscale in .TIF format will be
appreciated. Include a self-addressed, stamped
envelope (SASE) with sufficient postage for
return of materials.

Deadline: 21 December 2004

To read excerpts from issues past or present or
for further information regarding submission or
subscription to pacific REVIEW, please visit our

Address email inquiries to:
Estela Eaton & Leon Lanzbom
Editors-in-Chief, pacific REVIEW

Address all hard-copy submissions to:
Estela Eaton & Leon Lanzbom
c/o San Diego State University
Department of English & Comparative Literature
5500 Campanile Drive (MC 8140)
San Diego, CA 92182-8140
pacific REVIEW is an <>SDSU Press journal.

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