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James Gifford
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Open Call: Agora 4.1 (2005)



Agora (ISSN 1496-9580) is an international peer-reviewed electronic journal
of graduate and senior scholarship. Implicit in the journal name, and
forming the journal focus, is a public forum of debate and dialogue that
addresses issues of critical scholarship regarding the literary arts, the
public sphere, the nature of communication, and the humanities, as they
relate to the academic and general community. Agora is an ICAAP affiliated
resource and is archived in the National Library of Canada. It is indexed in
the Canadian Literary Periodicals Index and the MLA International


Call for Papers


The name, Agora, invokes conceptions of the public sphere, on which pivot
the dual purpose of the journal to facilitate a critical debate mediated in
the open arena electronic media. Agora welcomes submissions in electronic
and/or multimedia formats (i.e. images, audio files etc) that examine
literature, literary culture, and the history of communication from the
eighteenth century to present-day; as well as submissions on the teaching of
English and scholarly research that use a multimedia format in its

Based in the Department of English at the University of Alberta in Canada,
Agora invites the submission of work by graduate students and new scholars
from around the world. Agora is comprised of an international board of
Associate Editors interested in a wide variety of approaches and disciplines
ranging from English literature and cultural history to communication theory
and information technologies.

Manuscripts, with a 200-250 word abstract, will be accepted in either
hard-copy or electronic format, although accepted papers must be submitted
in electronic format in accordance with current MLA guidelines and the Agora
on-line stylesheet. The author's name should not appear on the manuscript,
but on a separate coverpage, or for e-mail submissions in the body of the
e-mail stating name, mailing address, e-mail address and the title of the
paper. Electronic submissions may be sent to Agora on a 3.5 diskette, or via
e-mail ( with the subject heading "Submission."
Documents should be formatted in ASCII, WordPerfect, HTML, Rich Text Format,
or Microsoft Word. Print submissions may be sent in duplicate to:

Agora: Online Graduate Journal
Department of English
3-5 Humanities Centre
University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Hard-copy submissions and diskettes will not be returned.

Please note that the journal enthusiastically supports the inclusion of
relevant multimedia materials. Images and photographs are accepted in either
.gif or .jpg format and audio files in RealAudio (.ram), MP3, or wavefile
(.wav) format and must be included with the submission of the electronic
copy. All contributors are requested to specify any applicable copyright
restrictions if multimedia material is not strictly the copyright of the
author or the public domain.

For more information, please contact the editors at:


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