CFP: Representing the Other (11/30/04; journal issue)

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CFP: Representing the other (11/30/04; journal issue)
Litteralis: Studies and debates in literature, linguistics and arts
seeks submissions for a special issue devoted to the representation of the

Who is the "other"? In general terms, simply the one whose existence is
separated from one´s self. Even when thought in such simplistic terms,
the other is crucial in the construction of the concept of the self, both
defining one´s location in the world and being a reference in the
formulation of what constitutes normalcy.

Western thought has often resorted to binary constructions such as
self/other, center/margin, colonizer/colonized in its construction of
reality. Today when we are well aware of the reductionist and distorted
vision produced by binarism, how is the other construed? How have
exclusion, marginalization and dependence been represented? How has
difference been signaled and what ideology underlies such representation?

Visions and representations of alterity may be analyzed from multiple
points of view, including but not being limited to literary, linguistic
and/or, phonetic/phonological perspectives.

Reflecting the multilingual character of the department of Linguistics and
Arts at URI-Santo Ângelo, essays may be written in English, Spanish or

Please make sure your article conforms to the MLA format, and send a 100
word abstract along with a list of 3 to 5 key words to, attaching the essay to that email.

Deadline for submissions: November 30, 2004.

Denise Almeida Silva
Department of Languages and Arts
Universidade Regional Integrada do Alto Uruguai e das Missões
Campus Santo Ângelo

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