CFP: Rhetoric of Religion in the Public Sphere (9/30/04; e-journal)

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Olbricht, Erika

CFP - Queen: a journal of rhetoric and power

With the current American Presidential campaign under full swing, coming
after a two-year declaration of war against terror presented as a war of
"good" against "evil", a declaration often invoking God and
tapping into centuries-old tensions between religious allegiances,
the editors of Queen are announcing a call for submissions on
the Rhetoric of Religion in the Public Sphere.

Submissions are sought from all areas of the humanities and arts. We are
particularly interested in articles, photo essays, even multimedia
presentations exploring the ways in which religion, religious tradition
and institutions, and the conflation of civil function and religious
rhetoric are shaping the current political climate throughout the world.

Topics can explore all regions of the world and all eras, but we would
particularly encourage works focusing upon the contemporary scene.

Queen is an electronic, refereed journal, and we are committed to
encouraging the use of the full potential of this publication medium.
We publish academic articles, journalistic pieces, poetry, photographic
essays, and multi-media/HTML formats, or any hybrid combination of the

All submissions should include a brief abstract of the work. Photos
should be sent as JPEG files. Video clips should be sent as QuickTime
files. If accepted, you will work with the editors to provide a
web-friendly version of your submission, and will be asked for a
personal photo and brief (two-line) bio.

Please visit and click on the links to 'Queen'.

Please email your abstract/proposal to and by 30 September 2004.

J. David Hester (Amador), PhD
Co-Director, Centre for Rhetorics & Hermeneutics
Co-Director, New Testament Rhetoric Project
Fellow, Centre for Ethics in the Sciences and Humanities
Fellow, Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung

"It is well for people who think
to change their minds occasionally
in order to keep them clean."
-Luther Burbank

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