CFP: Discipline in Literature and Literary Studies (2/28/05; journal issue)

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R. Teeuwen

Essays are invited for a special issue of the Sun Yat-sen Journal of
Humanities (a peer-reviewed journal published in Taiwan) on DISCIPLINE in
literature and literary studies. Discipline (the breakdown, imposition,
subversion, lack, or embrace of it; returns to it and departures from it)
forms an important element in the dynamics of literary form, history,
stylistics, and reflection. Discipline can be considered an intellectual,
ideological, moral, philosophical, religious, artistic, or stylistic
category, and can be related or opposed to such qualities as creativity,
sentimentality, excess, rhapsody, (self)-indulgence, freedom, passion,
openness, gibberish, romanticism, laxness, protest, innovation, or
unknowingness. Essays could discuss discipline as it is embodied, implied,
or thematized in specific literary works. Or they could approach discipline
as a way of understanding a genre, period, movement, or oeuvre; or as a
theoretical concept (e.g., in Foucault's sense) or analytical tool (e.g., in
the colonial meeting of peoples). Essays could also reflect on the
weaknesses or strengths of literary studies as a discipline. Send inquiries
or abstracts to Rudolphus Teeuwen, National Sun Yat-sen Univ., Dept. of
Foreign Languages, Kaohsiung 80424, TAIWAN (
Complete essays (3000-6000 words; MLA format; email attachment in Microsoft
Word) should reach the editor by February 28.

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