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Segue, the online literary journal of Miami University-Middletown, is
accepting creative work and scholarly work for its fall issue:

Segue's mission is to celebrate and illuminate the whole writing process,
rather than focusing solely on the writing product. Our Featured Authors
publish short collections of their work along with writing that explores
the process behind their submissions, our new Writing on Writing page
provides a site of exchange for students, teachers, readers and writers to
explore writing-related issues, as does our listserv, and our Resources
page offers links to other literary journals and writerly information. Past
Featured Authors include Brian Kiteley, Denise Duhamel, and Katharine
Haake. Our fall issue will feature excerpts from author Diane Glancy's
forthcoming novel, The Dance Partner. In addition to publishing an eclectic
blend of high quality literatures, Segue serves as an educational tool for
writers, teachers, and students. We encourage educators to use our
publication in the classroom, and to contact us with their success stories
and ideas for collaboration at

Fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction

Segue is still accepting submissions of fiction, poetry, and creative
nonfiction for its fall issue. We accept submissions year-round, though the
deadline for the fall issue is 10.31.05. We accept submissions from both
new and established authors. Because we are literary snobs, we tend not to
publish genre work. Send us only the best of your best, the most
thoughtful, complex, challenging, moving literature you can muster. We'll
use our intuition and a keen sense of smell to guide us in the right
direction, and we'll know what we want when we find it. Please read our
previous issues to get a feel for the kind of literature we publish. Our
archives are posted on our web site, and are free to view.

Scholarly work

Segue is also accepting nonfiction for its new Writing on Writing page that
addresses creative writing in some fashion. Possible topics include, but
are not limited to:

> Creative writing pedagogy (we're especially interested in this)
> The state of creative writing in academia
> Creative writing in academia v. the alleged "real world"
> The craft/process of writing fiction, poetry, or creative nonfiction
> Creative writing exercises (with explanations of their origin, purpose,
and if possible, examples of completed exercises)
> Close readings of the literary works of established authors, with an eye
toward illuminating something interesting in the work
> Interviews with established authors
> The business side of creative writing
> The writing life

We are open to any genre of nonfiction, including but not limited to
scholarly writing, research articles, reflective narratives, manifestos,
credos, and rants. This is a professional journal; all writing is expected
to be polished, insightful, and well-informed. If you have questions about
writing you'd like to submit, feel free to query us.

Formatting and submission guidelines

Formatting and submission guidelines are listed on the Submissions page of
our web
Submissions that don't adhere to our guidelines will not be read.

Eric Melbye, Editor
<>Segue online literary journal
Miami University-Middletown

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